Chapter 23

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Day 2

Perrie's POV

I opened my eyes and turned around

"Ba-" i looked besides me i thought jade is here but i just saw a pillow where is she?

I looked at the clock ohh its already 10:00 am

I stand up and took a shower you know its not really comfortable going out in a morning without taking a shower its like so sticky. I grab my towel and head to our room i locked the door and closed the window you know my body is just for my baby jadey. I put my clothes on and done.

"Perrie!!!" Leigh shouted i hurriedly open the door

"Whats up?" I asked and she looked at me

"Hmm? Come on lets go eat breakfast" she said and i just nod she keep looking at me wtf is wrong with my face

"Hi perrie!" Jed said and smiled looking at me confusedly wth is wrong with them i sat down and jesy whispered to leigh and leigh just shrugged

"Sweety how are you?" Jade's mom asked speaking of jade i looked at them and jade is nowhere where is she??

"Where is jade?" I asked them

"Finally" jesy said and i looked at her jed hit her arm and jesy covered her mouth

"Finally what??" I asked

"Uh-" jesy said but leigh cut her off

"Finally you speak we been waiting to here your voice right guys?" She asked and they all nodded awkwardly

"Where's jade??" I asked my mum

"Im sorry perrie she left" jesy said and i looked at her

"What??" I asked again

"She left the island" jed said. No! This is not happening why did she left without me even knowing

"Why did she freakin left" i asked

"Chill sweetie dont -" my mom said

"No! You dont understand! how am i going to chill that i know my freakin GIRLFRIEND just left without even telling  me how am i supposed to chill??" I said and im actually crying right now i looked at my hands

"She became so cold with me since we fucking went here! What's up with her?? Does she not love me anymore?? Is she planning to break up with me ??? She even left me at the cliff yesterday and she didnt even said why she will leave" i said between sob

"Perrie stop crying its making you ugly" jed said and i just glared at him

"I dont care if im ugly i just want jade here" i said while wiping my tears im crying mess right how could she able to left me just that easy

"Cheer up!! Its your birthday to-" jesy said but i cut her off

"I will not going to celebrate it" i said and walked away

I kicked the rock in the sand hardly. I forgot that im just on my slipper so i fucking hurt my self

I just walk and i realized my feet really hurt why the fuck did i kicked that rock i just walked and walked until i found myself in a cliff

"Oh youre here again ms ignorant" someone said ugh not again

"Why are you always here?? Are you stalking me??" I asked him he just shrugged

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