Chapter 20

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Jade's POV

"I love you perrie!!!!"


"Marry me Jade Thirlwall" i smiled to the man who shouted

"EXCUSE ME?" perrie groaned i look at her

"You will not going to marry someone else!" She said and i grinned

"Jerrie is real remember??" She said i smiled

"Jerrie is real!" I said and nod the people goes wild

"JERRIE JERRIE!!!" all the people shouted.

We waved to the people when we enter the airport

"Wow so many people shipping you guys" jesy said and i just giggled

"Yeah that was so adorable" jed said

"Come on girls and ...." my mum stop when she saw jed she dont know what to say

"Girls" jed contineod we all laughed

Perrie's POV

We entered jade mum's private plane you cant see a bed but you can unfold the chair to a bed so it look so cool.

"Wow babe you really are so rich you owned a Bar, restaurant, hotel, mall, airplane, island-" she stopped me when she smashed her lips to mine i love the way she shut my mouth

"Im not rich babe my parents is. I just owned a restaurant and i managed bar thats all." She said

"You know babe dont think that i love you just because of your mon-" she cut me off again

"Yeah i know babe you dont need to say it" she said and smirked she smacked my ass she's teasing me again

"okay guys you need to sit now the plane will move soon" my mum said

I sit down beside jade's. She opened her bag and she get her book she wear her glasses and she crossed her legs she looked at me seductively and thats kinda turned me on like honestly she look so fuckin hot.

"Babe lets cuddle" i said but she didnt look at me she is so serious like she dont want to talk to me

"Hey baby" i said again but she's still reading her book i groaned and i just faced the window she's so busy with her book.

Jade's POV

"Wow that book was so amazing" i said and i sigh

"Babe" i said and looked at perrie but she's not facing with me she's facing on the window i kissed her cheeks

"Pez" i said. She snores aw she's sleeping. I removed the earphones on my ears and i kissed the face of perrie until she woke up.

"Ughhh stop it and read your book" she said awww she's mad

"Aww baby are you mad?" I asked her

"No im not" she said but she's not looking at me

"Why you not looking at me" i said and she looked at me

"I cant look at you, you make me so turned on because you look so hot with your glasses on" she said and i bit my lip

"Come here sit on my lap" she said and i sit on her lap she hugged me

"You really look so serious while reading your book" she said and her hands are massaging my thigh. She get her blanket to cover on my lap. She begin to travel her hand and she rubbed my clit

"Ahh pez stop our family is here" i said between heavy breaths

"Thats why you should be quite again" she said and she begin to thrust her finger into me i cant help but moan

"Perrie" leigh said and she walked closer to us perrie stopped on what she's doing but she soon continue it i moan leigh eyes widened when she saw perrie's hand is moving under the blanket

"Wow really perrie?? Did you just fingered her infront of me?" Leigh said and i moan when i hit my high

"Yuck you guys are so horny i cant believed it omg my innocent eyes" leigh said and she walked away

Perrie removed the blanket on my lap and she sucked her finger

"You really taste amazing" she said and i blushed.

I hugged perrie and i didnt realized that i feel asleep.

Perrie's POV

"Wake up bitches!" Jesy said

"Wake up!!" Jed said

I groaned

"The airplane will crash!!" Leigh shouted

I hurriedly opened my eyes and i stand up i forget that jade is sleeping on my lap


"Oh ohh" jed said

"Youre in trouble edwards" jesy said

I gulped and looked at jade who's now  looking at me coldly with furrowed eyebrows

"Ba-" she cut me off

"Dont talk to me" she said and i frowned

"Baby-" she stand up and walked away i just realised that we are already here so i stand up and followed her she's not looking at me i think i hurt her so bad

"Perrie your room is here" my mum pointed the room

"Your room mate is jade" she said i nod

"Where's jade??" I asked

"She's already inside" jed said and i nod



"Im sorry" i said

"You throw me away" she said and pout

"Babe i forgot that youre on my lap" i said

"I hate you" she said she's so childish

"Hey im sorry" i said and she pout

"Hugged me" she said and she opened her arms i smiled and hugged her

"I love you" i said

"I still hate youuu" she said and i giggled

"I will make you love me again" i said and winked

"Okay" she said and smiled

I leaned forward to her to kissed her but she pulled away

"Im still not inlove with you so dont kiss me!!" She said and smirked

"Is that necessary?!" I asked

"Yeah" she said and shrugged

"No way i cant do that" i said

"Yes you can" she said and smiled

She's like a child

"Be thankful that i love you" i said and she smiled

"I know" she said and smiled

"Jade! Perrie!" My mum shouted

"Yeah we are coming" i said and walked

"Jade come on" i said and open my one arm but she refused it and walked away

Fuck i think this is the hardest thing i will do to make her fall in love with me again. How can i make this 'child' to make her fall in love with me again she is such a tease.


Lol this is so exciting😂

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