Chapter 9

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Perrie's POV

"Hello?" Someone said on the phone

"Hi jade" i said

"Hi perrie" she said i giggled

"How are you??" I asked

"Im fine how about you?" She asked

"I dont have anything to do, do you mind going out with me?" I said, i hope she said yes

"Ofcourse what should i wear?" She asked

"Wear something youre comfortable with" i said and she giggled. I really love her giggle so much

"So?" She asked

"So see you in 10 minutes?"  I said i heard something fell

"jade are you okay what happened" i asked

"10 Minutes?!" She asked i laughed

"Yeah i dont want to waste time so hurry up im on my way there" i said

"Okay" she said

"Oh wait where are you from by the way??" I said and she giggled

"Do you know the building near the starbucks??" she asked

"Oh yeah" i said

"There and enter the building im on the last floor " she said

"What number?" I asked

"My room is the only room there you silly." She said and laughed

"What?? Ill just go on the last floor an d its only have 1 door there??" i asked

"Exactly" she said wow

"Rich kid" i said and she giggled

"Nope" she said i just giggled

"Okay im already near there" i said

"Whattt??? Im still not taking a shower" she said

"Then hurry up byeee" i said and end call

I drove the car and drove i looked at the street and luckily no paparazzi

"Excuse me Ms" someone said

"Uhm what?" I said im on my cap so my face is not really visible to anyone

"Do you have ID" she said

"I didnt bring one but i'll go to jade thirlwall's" i said

"Who is jade thirl-" She said but someone cut her off and lean forward to whisper something her eyes widened what is he talking about!

"Uhm excuse me?" I said

"Are you her visitor Ms.?" The guy asked i nod

"Okay just walk there and you will see elavator then clicked the last floor" he said and i nod

"Thankyou" i said and walked but the cap on my head fell

"Shit" i mumble i hurriedly got the cup on the floor and walked to the elevator but i heard the guy speak

"Is that Perrie Edwards?" He asked

"Huh?i think youre just dreaming" she said i clicked the last floor when the door of the elevator opened i walked and i saw a door. I assume its hers

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