Entry Fifty One

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I have been pondering for the longest time, as to how I should begin this entry and the only place I can think to start this story is at the end - the end of my former life.

My life hung in the balance of a coin flip. That fabled coin-of-life was spinning and spinning down to the very last moment. It was decided by the fates that I should not die, nor should I live, but rather, I was to be reborn.

My rebirth took longer than I had read in that leather-bound book. Pain is what I remember the most. The rest is all small fragments of memories:

My vision going in and out of blindness to extremely precise, magnified sight.

The seething pain, the gruelling transformation, my body stretching, snapping and contorting into inhuman forms.

To my horror, I could see hairs growing faster than I could count. They broke through the surface of my skin and covered my entire body.

My nails felt as thought they were being pulled out from my fingertips. They grew and grew, almost as long as my fingers, coming to a razor sharp, very fine point.

An overwhelming feeling of strength surged through my body. It made me lash out, writhing around with an intensity of the wildest beast.

In an unbridled rage, I recall breaking, scratching and thrashing anything I could get my claws on.

But when night turned to day and I opened my eyes, I was Belle again.


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