Entry Fifty Seven

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Running on all fours, as a wolf was quite the experience. Everyone should try it at least once.

From the moment I transformed into a wolf at Geroux's house, I felt the dirt underfoot in his garden turn into grass between paws as I left the perimeter of the grounds.

The best I can describe the sensation of running as a wolf is akin to riding a horse, only much smoother and of course, lower to the ground. Except that I was the animal, not the rider.

I could jump large distances in a single bound and admittedly, that was quite fun. Only, it slowed me down somewhat, so I focussed on running - I was still overcome with anger.

One thing I did not read in that book, was how incredible one's eyesight becomes. Now, I do not need spectacles, but in wolf form I could see... well, everything. The tiniest of ants and birds on the horizon were as detailed as if I were looking at them through a magnifying glass.

Despite my speed, I had no issue seeing anything and anyone as clear as day. I could see people for miles away in the corner of my eye - they of course did not see me. I was moving so fast that I would have been nothing more than a furry blur. A figment of their imagination.

Leaves rustled and bark pealed off trees as I breezed past them. It was exhilarating, I can say that least and I wish the inaugural time I had turned had been on better terms, so that I could really enjoy the first time as the new me.

But alas, so many thoughts were running through my head at the time.

Were Geroux and I not fated to end up together?

Surely, after all we had been through...

After all I had been through, there had to be something...

This just couldn't be the end of our story... it just couldn't.

Geroux had a semblance of a plan, but there was a lot of faith being placed in an idea which may not work well at all and could take a very long time to come to that conclusion. I felt time would be better spent working out another way around this "true love's kiss" spell.

But what did I know? Geroux had been living this life for sometime, but I, for only mere hours.

I felt so hopeless... yet so physically strong. It was quite an odd mix. The combination made me even angrier.

I had been running for well over an hour, weaving in and out of forests. Running and running for miles. I had picked up so many scent profiles, so many misty spirals of smells that I had lost count.

I couldn't say how many towns over I was, when I began to slow down as I picked up a familiar scent. A combination of smells I knew from my human days.

The smell of lies, adultery (just as good as) and deceit.

Pierre and Chantelle must be staying in this town.

And I was thirsting for blood.


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