Entry Forty Seven

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No sign of Geroux, still.

My thigh feels as though it's on fire. It's so dire I have taken to pouring water straight onto the wound. I could not care less that it wets the bed, I need relief.

I need a doctor or someone trained specifically in bite wounds. Unfortunately, this house is in the middle of nowhere and there is no way I could reach a doctor in my state.

In addition to my thigh pain, I have a headache and am nauseous. It feels like the worst influenza one could have. My frame of reference for this is rather small, as I have only had one bout before, but I did see my sisters through some troubling ailments and I imagine it is similar.

Having sat with this pain and these thoughts for a while now, I am beginning to believe that this bite could be the cause of these new... "developments," I expect would be the word.

I am becoming very concerned for my own well being.

The ornaments are also concerned. Yes, I can still converse with them. I know that a significant amount of time has passed, so this is definitely most unusual, as the effects of Geroux's blood should be completely out of my system. I am not sure what to make of it, but I am so glad that I have the ornaments for company.

The candle has been making sure he stays a distance away, so as to not heat me up anymore. The clock and teapot have made sure I stay hydrated, while the little chipped teacup nuzzled into my palm.

In my stupor, out of sheer desperation, I asked the ornaments if they knew what was happening to me. I knew it would be something to do with the curse that Geroux mentioned and I knew that meant they would not be able to answer, but I asked anyway.

Then to my surprise, I got an answer.

"I have only seen this once before... I believe you are turning, my dear. Trying to, at least," said the teapot. "Oh, look at that! I didn't spill tea anywhere. Oh... then that means..."

She stopped talking and hopped over to the little teacup, ushering him away from my hand.

"No wonder Monsieur Geroux was so distraught," continued the candelabra, "that was not any animal attack. Belle has received the bite."

The clock and the teacup gasped. The teacup burst into tears.

"Oh, shhhh, my dear, it's alright," said the teapot to the teacup, trying to console him.

"But you said it doesn't always work," protested the teacup, through bitter tears.

"It worked for Geroux, though, remember?" she replied.

"That doesn't mean it will work for Belle," he said, erupting into fresh sobs.

"Now, now, we mustn't scare her," cooed the teapot.

"No, please," I began, "I want to know. I need to know. Everything."

The ornaments all looked at each other.

"Then, you need the book," announced the mantle clock.

He asked the others for help and together they dragged the leather-bound book, covered with symbols up and onto my bed.

"We'll give you some space, dear. Come along, now, everyone," said the teapot.

"I shall personally let you know when Geroux returns," said the candelabra. I thanked him.

The teacup bounced up to my neck and gave me a tiny hug. I welcomed the coolness of the porcelain against my skin. He went away with the others.

So now, here I sit, book in front of me with my fate to be found somewhere in its pages.

I would ask to be wished luck, but I do not believe luck to be on my side, anymore.


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