Entry Forty

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Apologies for abruptly ending the last entry, but there were urgent matters at hand.

When I referred to men escorting me to Balls in the past, I, of course, would routinely attend alongside my sisters. This begged the question - would any of my sisters be in attendance at this upcoming Ball?

Thankfully I have the means to know, or rather, see if that were to be the case.

The magic mirror.

I asked the magic mirror to see my sisters. Unsure of how that would work, considering they would most likely be in different locations, regardless, a scene began to materialise in the mirror.

As the mirror revealed a look into the outside world, it brought into view Henrietta working tirelessly on a brilliantly purple ball gown. A suitor for Henrietta in my family's financial state? Someone new must have moved to town.

Then as the scene played out, it was revealed that Henrietta was working on someone else's dress. Henrietta could not find a date. This would not be the first Ball she did not attend due to a lack of interest from male suitors.

The woman wearing the gown held her hair high, while Henrietta fastened the back of the dress.

The woman let go of her locks and as her hair cascaded down her back she spun around. It was my other sister, Chantelle.

Chantelle will be attending the ball.

With Pierre.

My sister and my ex-fiancé.

* * *

The gumption of Chantelle to attend a public function with Pierre. Of course, everyone in town must know by now that she and Pierre are together. Surprising that she would be so bold, rather than be scared into hiding due to the unkind whispers of the townspeople.

Maybe this is her way of showing everyone that she and more importantly, Pierre, had moved on. A new chapter of their life had begun.

Similarly, this Ball is the perfect opportunity to show people that a new chapter in my life has begun.

This seems like fate now.

While I may not be completely certain what that new chapter will entail, I know one thing for sure...

This Ball is going to be one very interesting night.


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