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The Nurses Office by IDonutLikeU
The Nurses Officeby Rawr
We met in the nurses office. That day changed my life. I never knew I could fall so hard for someone. Especially Adam Hill. ::::::::::::::: "Hi. I'm Adam." ...
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| Obsessive Desires ⛓ | by BlueFameDarkblue
| Obsessive Desires ⛓ |by · ❝ AMAN ❞ ·
" I was his property. he said. I was his. he said. I had no choice, but to agree. she said" What if Love turns into obsession. He desires for her love, she...
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Transformers RID oneshot's [ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! ] by Poppi_prime301
Transformers RID oneshot's [ Anya
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Fractured by cosmic_crash
Fracturedby Gotta love Young Justice
Robin hurts his wrist, but doesn't wanna tell anyone. He keeps pushing himself. Will his injury get in the way of one of the team's missions?
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Dark Snow White (Grimmoire Series) by AtomicNicky
Dark Snow White (Grimmoire Series)by AtomicNicky
What if Snow White wasn't so good after all? Eleanor, the Queen of RedCrest presides over the kingdom with her son, Floran. The time since the war has been peaceful, un...
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RID Decepticon Scenarios by Claudy1425
RID Decepticon Scenariosby ☁️ᴊᴜᴘɪᴛᴇʀ☁️
"Sometimes a bad boy is good for a girl" Decepticons: ★Steeljaw ★Thunderhoof ★Fracture ★Chop Shop
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Her & His Chaotic Monologue(Revamp 2019) by raqisky
Her & His Chaotic Monologue( Raqirakanda. E
she's a master of the unthinkable word that running inside her blood. he's an expert in the unwritten story he'd hide the whole life. He & She don't talk too much pr...
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Broken Soul {Ink!Sans x Depressed!Reader} by Etsuko_Spark
Broken Soul {Ink!Sans x *~Raivis Galante~*
| Some people don't change |
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Bionicle: Fractured Dawn by MakutaMiserix
Bionicle: Fractured Dawnby Makuta Miserix
After the first expedition to find a site for New Atero was unsuccessful, Tahu and Gali embark on a second quest, this time with Ackar and Kiina to aid them. But the dan...
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Transformers Robots In Disguise (One Shots/ Temporally On Hold) by NeganIsACat
Transformers Robots In Disguise ( TunaFish The Cats Meow😺
Okay here's the thing my creatively is drained from all the transformers fanfiction I've done so updates for this one are going to be slow unless my creative mojo comes...
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Fractured by RecyclableGarbage
Fracturedby Ailin Favela
Just a young anonymous person writing poetry for the rest of the world (All artworks created originally by me)
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Transformer One Shot by chibihearts_knockout
Transformer One Shotby Donna Isabella
Creativity comes from the mind and passion comes from the heart. I love writing stories and it's an enjoyable hobby of mine. :-) And what better way to do your hobby and...
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Fractured by JennieCamacho
Fracturedby Jennie Camacho
When death claims a mate, it can have a devastating impact. Logan knows, all too well, the pain of that loss. After losing the love of his life and several pack members...
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Compound Fracture (hold) by MapleCFreter
Compound Fracture (hold)by Maple C Freter
**Sequel to Shards** Growing up means giving up childish beliefs and disillusionment. Growing up means becoming aware of the world outside of your comfort zone. Growing...
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Broken Tower by liannederosier
Broken Towerby Lianne DeRosier
Four short horror stories based on old fairy tales.
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A War in the Stars {TFRID} by Starburst_Minicon45
A War in the Stars {TFRID}by Starburst_Minicon45
Before Drift finds the team, he faces crisis in space. With the help of his new pupils he must escape from his torturing mentor and fearsome bounty hunters that want to...
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Everything wrong with Disney by _anyarchy_
Everything wrong with Disneyby Anya
This book is basically everything wrong with Disney movies that are based on your favorite stories (Maybe) This book will include but not limited to (insert dramatic pau...
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So I Broke My Neck by 14Exilium59
So I Broke My Neckby Hiatus
Commemoration of that one time I had a cervical fracture, and the three months that followed. I wrote this because I'm scared that one day I will forget all the details...
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Fractured Fairytales - Cinderella by Mockingjay100
Fractured Fairytales - Cinderellaby Mockingjay100
Once upon a time there was a kind, smart and beautiful woman called Cinderella, but she was very unhappy because she was treated like a slave by her wicked stepmother an...
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The Tale Of Betty Boots (Grimmoire Series) by AtomicNicky
The Tale Of Betty Boots ( AtomicNicky
The story of Red Riding Hood receives the fractured treatment in The Tale of Betty Boots. *** Be sure to check out the short film of this story after you've read it! ***...
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