Entry Forty Six

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My head is still spinning from the events of two nights ago. Or perhaps it was three? I have forgone the concept of time...

I woke up to excruciating pain, digging in my thigh. Somehow, the pain had spread and was now pulsating throughout my entire body. The need to relieve myself was equally as powerful. I called for Geroux, but he did not respond. So I managed, with the aide of a chair to get myself to the commode. While I was up, I used the chair again as a walking aid to fetch my diary and some ink.

I needed to write all this down while it was fresh in my mind and while my mind was still sound.

The ornaments were particularly worried about me. Asking lots of questions. The teapot urged me to eat something. I was not hungry, due to the pain, but I thought it was a good idea to eat some bread. And since the tray of food was just sitting there, I helped myself to a little bit of cheese.

Honestly, I have no idea what to make of the events that occurred on the night of the Ball, whenever that was. It all feels like a terrible dream.

My leg has not healed much, it is very distressing for me to look at. I sincerely hope Geroux has gone to fetch a doctor, as I desperately need one.

I have not seen Geroux for some time. The ornaments said that he stayed with me all night after the Ball and left the following morning, quite abruptly. They were unsure of exactly where he went.

I wonder where he could be...

Also two curious things happened today.

The inkwell that I have spoken of - the one that refills itself. - well, I actually saw it in action. I used the last blot of ink and then I heard a pouring noise. Looking inside the well I saw it fill up, like tea in a cup.

I knew there was something inexplicable about the inkwell refilling itself, but it had only ever happened when I was not looking.

Similarly, the tray of food that always seems to find its way into my room with a fully replenished smorgasbord of foods. Early today the door to my room opened by itself. Initially, I thought it was Geroux, but then a silver tray of food hovered into the room and set itself up next to me on the bed.

How was that even possible? How did I never see it before?

It was always a blink-and-it's-there situation with the strange trappings of Geroux's house. Then today I saw two of these instances play out right before my very eyes.

I wish he was around.

Come to think of it, this is the longest I have ever been able to talk to the ornaments after ingesting Geroux's blood...

It could not have anything to do with this bite... could it?


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