Entry Eighteen

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A sudden turn of events.

After viewing the mirror, I broke down into a flood of tears so forceful, Geroux heard my wailing all the way through to the other side of the mansion.

He thundered down the hallway and knocked worriedly at the bedroom door. "Go away," I called out. "Belle? What's wrong? I'm coming in," he announced, opening the bedroom door.

I had been able to hide the diary back on the shelf, and remove all evidence of my writing before he entered. "Whatever is the matter?" he asked. I could sense him wanting to get closer to me, but he resisted, thankfully.

I explained what I saw in the mirror. "I have to see Papa, Geroux, I must," I insisted through a renewed stream of tears.

"Belle... it's not safe..." he began.

"Geroux, I beg you," I said, looking him with an emotional intensity, punctuated by my tear stained face.

His eyebrows knitted together as his face turned to one of frustrated contemplation. His nostrils flared and he sighed heavily.

"I shall escort you, myself, to your family home and when you are ready to leave, I shall return to escort you back here," he said, maintaining eye contact with the floor.

He mentioned about having to leave at sunrise and travelling during the day so he could better ensure my safety. Safety from what? He did not elaborate. I would have thought that travelling during the night time, under the cloak of darkness would be a better way, but alas, I did not challenge his train of thought.

After all, he was about to let me go... in a way.

"Really? You will really do this for me?" I asked with a pleading hopefulness. "You will let me stay with Papa until... until..."

I had not intended to cry, but the thought of Papa passing, along with the thought of me being free of this place was overwhelming.

"I trust you Belle, I trust you completely," he said, looking from the floor straight into my eyes. Admittedly, his words hit me deeply.

Geroux continued talking. While I on the other hand, I was busy living a duality of sadness and opportunity. While I was genuinely upset and worried for my father on the outside, on the inside I was busy forming a plan.

Geroux believes I will stay with Papa and Henrietta. Geroux believes Papa will get better. Geroux believes I will return to his home once Papa returns to wellness.

Geroux is a fool.

I bid you a final farewell - I am never coming back.


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