Entry Forty Nine

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I can feel my entire body shutting down, limb by limb. Quite an unusual, if eerie feeling, but at least I no longer feel pain.

A numbness has spread from my legs through my body and into my face. It has done me the courtesy of leaving my arms and most importantly, my hands, unscathed. If I was unable to write... well sadly, I believe that moment is coming soon.

The candelabra burst into my room, informing me that Geroux had returned and not a moment later, Geroux entered my room, grief stricken.

"I tried," he said, looking quite unkempt. All his clothes where wrinkled and dirty. "I went to the apothecary - a journey that last time took me over a week - I did it in just under three days. I thought it was silly to even try and then I remembered that in wolf form I could travel a lot faster."

I was too tired to say anything, so I just let Geroux gather himself and continue with his story.

"I got there at night fall and the apothecary had closed. But I broke in anyway, completely naked, mind you. I gave the owners quite a fright, although they do know me and my situation. I explained what happened to you and said I needed something to stop you turning, but there is nothing. They told me the medicine I have been taking is of no use to you. Nothing can stop you turning, Belle. I tried. I tried the only place I could think of that might have been able to help, but they said there was nothing that could be done."

It is no matter, I told him, I have nary a hope left.

Geroux came over to the bed, leant down and kissed my hand, but I could not feel it.

My left arm had gone numb.


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