Entry Thirty Nine

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The book read like a novel from the most disturbed mind.

Knowing I had limited time, the first thing I searched for was any mention of blood. After flicking through numerous pages I discovered information that confirmed some of my suspicions.

When a person has a taste of "afflicted" blood, they will experience the world in a similar, but not in an identical way as someone who has afflicted blood coursing through their veins does every day. The length of the experience depends on how diluted the blood is and the quantity of blood consumed.

So it would appear Geroux is afflicted... what exactly he is afflicted with remains a mystery.

As I read further into the book, the wealth of information became overwhelming. The pages were thick with talk of animals with varying degree of ferocity. They described a range of ailments and wounds with vivid imagery of bites, scratches and sores.

I believe there were several chapters dedicated to lunar cycles.

Even entries on curses.

There were also many words, terms and phrases that I had never heard before.

Unfortunately, that is all I can recall of last night's efforts. While the aftermath of drinking Geroux's blood was lessened, the annoyingly persistent effects of some memory loss were ever present.

All I know for sure is that even if Geroux did want to tell me what is going on it would be almost impossible to explain, let alone believe. Even after reading much the book, it sounds like a whole other world.

I have to believe, though, that Geroux is keeping me safe.

Even still, the question remains: is this a man that I wish to escort me to the Ball?

If I am being perfectly honest, my brain may be rather muddled on the issue, but my heart is a very clear, resounding yes.

It feels strange to admit that, even to this diary.

Then what if we do attend this Ball? What will people think? What will people say? We would surely be the talk of the town in the most obscene manner imaginable.

People I have known my entire life could very well be in attendance...

Oh my goodness - I just had a thought...


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