Entry Forty Three

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Like two devious children, Geroux and I hatched a plot to make the Ball a rather memorable experience for all in attendance.

* * *

The punch bowls had remained untouched since the punch was mixed earlier in the evening. Apparently the glasses had gone missing - all the glasses. The storage boxes containing them had been misplaced and the servants were wildly looking high and low, to no avail.

It was rather easy for me to drop a prick or two of Geroux's blood into the unattended punch bowls. Using my jewelled brooch, Geroux, surreptitiously, pricked his own finger, sending droplets of blood into the cup of my hand. Everyone was so outraged about the missing glasses that nobody was paying attention to our activities, allowing me to swiftly flick enough blood into each punch bowl.

"We found them!" announced a very relieved server after hours of searching. You would have expected a big cheer to rise up from the waiting crowd - but not, they opted to look on the negative side of things:

"Ugh, finally!"

"I hope somebody got fired for that".

"Now we'll have to line up like commoners."

These people are the worst.

As the servers began setting out the glasses for the guests, Geroux gallantly volunteered to open the champagne and wine. He managed to discreetly contaminate each and every bottle, to ensure that no guest would miss out.

In the space of a few minutes, everybody in attendance would have Geroux's blood in their system.

I simply could not wait to see the illusions Geroux's blood would conjure this evening. Geroux and I both drank some champagne and as we looked around, we saw Geroux's blood beginning to take effect.

People began to feel woozy. Some were standing open mouthed, staring at the ceiling in wonderment. Others flopped over chairs and lounges all about the place.

I could feel the change within myself. I looked to Geroux, he offered his hand and said, "May I have this dance?"

I simply took his hand in reply. I remember thinking, "but there is no music..." however, as we made our way to the dance floor, the room suddenly came alive.

The paintings on the ceiling began moving. Some running around, some swaying, other portraits were dancing with wild abandon.

Chairs had a mind of their own. Their legs began walking, taking the people sitting on them for a bit of a ride. Cups were diving into the punch bowl, doing a sort of synchronised swimming number. Plates were spinning like coins, curtains were undulating to the rhythm of the music - it was glorious.

And the music. How do I even begin to describe the fantastical aural delights? Sound poured out from every corner of the Ball room, echoing into the night. A symphony that I have never heard. So beautiful, yet so indescribable. As if, from the future, as if these sounds had yet to be invented.

Geroux and I danced like we had never danced before. We were perfectly in sync with one another. We knew every step, every dip, every twirl - despite never having heard this song prior.

All eyes were on us. The chairs had settled down, the music had taken over everyone's senses and our rhythmic dancing was almost hypnotic in its execution. Nobody could look away from us.

Geroux dipped me one last time as the song played out its last note.

"That was everything I wanted tonight to be," said Geroux, holding me close.

"That was more than I could have ever hoped for," I replied. "I don't know how the Ball could get any better than this."

Geroux pulled me back upright.

"May I escort you to our carriage?" he asked, arm outstretched.

"Certainly," I said, taking his arm.

We walked out arm in arm, weaving through the ocean of energy-deprived Ball goers. Unused to the effect of Geroux's blood, they were either standing completely still or drooped sloppily over furniture.

They still had a while until it wore off...

* * *

I must stop writing again, as I am beginning to shake. It feels like a fever may be coming on. The ornaments are fetching me a duvet.


Hope you enjoyed the music!

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