[1st draft] Glass Slippers: A Cinderella Retelling by Pennywithaney
[1st draft] Glass Slippers: A Sarah
All Clara wants is for her siblings to be happy, but with her stepmother constantly creating work, demanding attention, and ruining their lives, she knows this may never...
  • thefaefolk
  • teen
  • royalty
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Beast within the Beauty || A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Bemythyst
Beast within the Beauty || A Jenna R. Bloom
"Well, well, well." I felt the entirety of my body stiffen. "Pray tell," the masculine voice murmured as his chin rested down onto my shoulder, "...
  • youngadult
  • undiscovered
  • nanowrimo2018
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Mirrored Snow by makexbelieve
Mirrored Snowby Heather James
Everyone know the story of Snow White: blood red lips, ebony hair and skin the colour of freshly fallen snow. Her vain step-mother, desperate to be the 'fairest of them...
  • snow
  • fairy-tale
  • snowwhite
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BLACK BIRD| 2017 by ellechanel
BLACK BIRD| 2017by elle ™
❝DEATH IS COMING, DEATH IS COMING.❞ A girl watches kingdoms fall as a man stained with the blood of an empire, puts a crown on her head. [4.15.17] all rights reserved ©...
  • girl
  • russia
  • villain
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Planet Gaia 🐺 🌕 (Alien Fairy Tales) ✔️ by KDCampbell
Planet Gaia 🐺 🌕 (Alien Fairy KD *semi-hiatus*
(Featured under Wattpad Picks: Diverse Worlds) The forests of planet Gaia are vast, unexplored, and ominous -- filled with horrifying alien creatures that threaten li...
  • littleredridinghood
  • fairytale
  • sci-fi
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Fearless (A Mulan Retelling) by squigmo
Fearless (A Mulan Retelling)by Haley Netherton
For the entirety of her life, Iris Gwenneth has known the words 'loss' and 'exclusion' all too well. With a dead mother and a broken engagement... Iris's father is the o...
  • romance
  • determination
  • retelling
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Faces Of Love (Complete) by LeeleeKez
Faces Of Love (Complete)by Lily Orevba
When the town's number one prostitute is made a jaw dropping offer she cannot refuse, nothing can prepare her for the consequences of that one decision. Gloria Grande, o...
  • wattpad
  • lovestory
  • love
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Beaumont and the Beast // A Rose To Love by Thenoaf1
Beaumont and the Beast // A Rose Noah Cunningham
Our fair beauty, Belle, will be replaced by a handsome young man named, Beaumont. Just as peculiar, but aspires to be a great musician some day. His mother, Marie, is al...
  • fiction
  • lgbt
  • beast
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Anonymous (A Cinderella Remix) by DumDumPops4
Anonymous (A Cinderella Remix)by Cayleigh
At a young age, Prince Ethan Alexander's mate was kidnapped. Lost and alone, Ethan has spent the last decade of his life trying to find her. Without success. Chloe Leig...
  • mate
  • prince
  • retelling
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Glass Sneakers by crossroad
Glass Sneakersby Freesia Lockheart
Every girl has a tiara, her own shining moment, and a beautiful ever after... no matter what. The Kingdom of Triavia is in search for a princess, but...
  • royalty
  • cinderella
  • freesialockheart
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Esther The Mafia Leader's Queen [ON HOLD]  by Jojo_B
Esther The Mafia Leader's Queen [ Jojo B
Magnus is the youngest Leader the London Mafia has ever had. At just 27 years old, Magnus has all the riches and total power. He sees himself as a King, and is treated...
  • orphan
  • leader
  • identity
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ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT by kazbrekkers
"The thing about death," crooned a voice that was both one and many, "is that it doesn't exist. It never has and it never will. We think of it as an entit...
  • adventure
  • antihero
  • villain
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Princess Charming by makexbelieve
Princess Charmingby Heather James
Every culture has its own version of Cinderella, whether it features glass slippers and fairy godmothers, or enchanted trees and magic fish, the love story endures and g...
  • disney
  • fairytaleretelling
  • wattys2017
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After The Woods by jenalee28
After The Woodsby Jenna
Will a cold-hearted gangster find love with a woman who can see the future? GENRES: PARANORMAL ROMANCE Each book can be read as a standalone or read in the following ord...
  • paranormalromance
  • retelling
  • adventure
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And the Meek Shall Walk by ShaunAllan
And the Meek Shall Walkby Shaun Allan
Princess Aren is determined to make the human who killed her mother and exiled her people to the bottom of the ocean pay. To do so, she must go to extremes of pain and...
  • featured
  • wattpadstars
  • littlemermaid
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Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~ by Squeaks7
Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~by SJ Moquin
There is a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline... ~*~*~*~*~*~ College senior, Delanie Drakon, survives on heavy doses of coffee...
  • fantasy
  • mythology
  • love
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Midnight by Cross-Warrior
Midnightby C.W. Knight
||Wattys Longlist 2018|| ||The Fiction Awards 2018 Best Fantasy Winner|| A happily ever after can mean many things. For Ashlin Crest, it means marrying the prince o...
  • pirates
  • fantasy-romance
  • mermaid
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Bloodlines: Deceived ~Book 2~ by Squeaks7
Bloodlines: Deceived ~Book 2~by SJ Moquin
There is a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline... ~*~*~*~*~*~ Sloane is just your regular recent college graduate, navigating lif...
  • lovetriangle
  • fairytaleretelling
  • romance
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Φ Goldsong Φ by italychick
Φ Goldsong Φby Nora P
A KING MIDAS & THE GOLDEN TOUCH RETELLING Aster of Phrygia is a Siren, but unlike her sisterkind, her voice does not turn men to stone or lure them to a watery grave. In...
  • magic
  • themythological
  • adventure
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Unbound | NaNoWriMo2018 by ebgwicky
Unbound | NaNoWriMo2018by Erin
🔥🔥#1 Greek Mythology Hotlist🔥🔥 You think you know the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus...and, ok, you probably do. But you don't know Eris. Sure, take a second and Goog...
  • strongfemalelead
  • gods
  • fantasy
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