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Fearless (A Mulan Retelling) by squigmo
Fearless (A Mulan Retelling)by Haley Netherton
For the entirety of her life, Iris Gwenneth has known the words 'loss' and 'exclusion' all too well. With a dead mother and a broken engagement... Iris's father is the o...
  • mulan
  • strength
  • fearless
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Dead Girls Tell No Tales by kaloned
Dead Girls Tell No Talesby - ̗̀ asha ̖́-
[ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old...
  • diverselit
  • arabiannights
  • magic
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Beaumont and the Beast // A Rose To Love by Thenoaf1
Beaumont and the Beast // A Rose T...by Noah Cunningham
Our fair beauty, Belle, will be replaced by a handsome young man named, Beaumont. Just as peculiar, but aspires to be a great musician some day. His mother, Marie, is al...
  • disney
  • fiction
  • retelling
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They Call Him Beast by glammaddict
They Call Him Beastby Jasmine
He was everything those wicked rumours whispered him to be. Deadly, cruel and beastly, so far removed from humanity that he terrified anyone stupid enough to get too clo...
  • werewolf
  • kidnap
  • posessive
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The Veil of an Orchid by Airleas
The Veil of an Orchidby Airleas Raien
Based on an Italian Fairy tale. Avelin wanted nothing more than to be accepted as equal to her brothers in a world where being a woman, to her, meant being oppressed for...
  • action
  • retelling
  • kingdoms
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Not so Cinderella-(Slow Posts) by lenni0611
Not so Cinderella-(Slow Posts)by lenni0611
Once upon a time is overrated. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. You don't meet Prince Charming and you don't have a happily ever after. Take me for instance. Lil...
  • teenfiction
  • retelling
  • fairytail
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The Briar & the Dawn by Emma_Dot
The Briar & the Dawnby Emma_Dot
A twist on the retelling of sleeping beauty, with two princesses who grow up in completely different worlds.
  • sleeping-beauty
  • magic
  • fairytale
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The Elite by foreverwicked07
The Eliteby verdant.30
My twist on The Elite... Kiera Cass owns everything, except the plot, that's mine.
  • maxmerica
  • retelling
  • theelite
Witch Word: Fairy Tales and Stories by 18gooda
Witch Word: Fairy Tales and Storiesby 18gooda
Stories are liminal, at once old and new, known and retold. Discover a Dark Lord whose simple ambitions to take over the kingdom are complicated by a mild librarian, a d...
  • beautyandthebeast
  • retelling
  • magic
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Its a Snow Queen Retelling by HikariCarami
Its a Snow Queen Retellingby Hikari Carami
This is my first time and i dont have anyone to critique me or anything. please help
  • fairytale
  • fantasy
  • snowqueen
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Josie's Coat by AmyMcNulty
Josie's Coatby Amy McNulty
A woman with shoulder bones as sharp as an eagle's talons-bones almost protruding from her skin-opens her mouth as wide as it'll go, impossibly wide, consuming the pill...
  • retellings
  • sciencefiction
  • teens
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The Cinderella Soldier by CaptainBrit2015
The Cinderella Soldierby Lilian Rose
Alexandria 'Alex' Richmond is not like the other young ladies that reside in Winter Grove's Central Court. Daughter of a widowed, brave, decorated soldier, she was taugh...
  • retelling
  • royalty
  • fairytale
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 Medieval Stories  by Cinder_Katniss
Medieval Stories by Cinder_Katniss
A collection of different and interesting medieval stories from all cultures. Very enjoyable. Have magic elements and some death scenes. This book you will never let go...
  • sister
  • medievaltimes
  • retelling
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The Chronicle's of: SPIDER-MAN  by alex915
The Chronicle's of: SPIDER-MAN by alex915
A retelling of the classic stories of Marvel Comics' Spiderman. When watching the many different versions of spiderman throughout my childhood it eventually became repet...
  • peterparker
  • romance
  • superpowers
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Loveless (Coming Soon) by Greysided_Angel
Loveless (Coming Soon)by Jenna
The way they stare at you, it drives your body crazy. They may not be the person you end up with the end, but they're the only thing that is keeping you sane. It might b...
  • startofsomethingnew
  • fairytales
  • onceuponanow
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Don't Look Back | The Tale Of Orpheus | 1.4 by Frunklee
Don't Look Back | The Tale Of Orph...by ✨
Ella is so happy, she has her famous pop star boyfriend (it's not as hard to date him as the movies might make you think) her bakery and a group of friends. That is, un...
  • tale
  • fantasy
  • hades
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Camp of Magic by Pariep
Camp of Magicby Parietheplatypus
If the king of Adarlan hadn't done his terrible deeds, it is said that Aelin's parents would have sent her to a magic school. This is devoted completely to that school...
  • ninjago
  • fanfiction
  • retelling
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Cindy Ella Harper by Zebra_Hopes
Cindy Ella Harperby S.D. Terra
Cindy Ella Harper is the pretty, shy girl in the eleventh grade. When Chad Prince asks her to prom, she can't refuse. Though her stepfamily has other thoughts. Her fathe...
  • retelling
  • family
  • cinderella
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Awakened. by Rhythm123456
Awakened.by Rhythm123456
This story is a retelling of Snow White. Adel awakens from millennial dream. She awakens in the body of Snow White and refuses to marry a prince. Because this kingdom wa...
  • empress
  • retelling
  • princess
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