Entry Eight

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I have just been woken, in the middle of the night, with a terrifying start, by the screams of a man. Horrible, guttural screams of desperation. I have never heard such dire, nor harrowing sounds like this before.

It has been excruciating to hear the inescapable, relentless wailing for the last twenty minutes.

I do not even want to imagine what is going on.

But I can hear those chains again... like they are being pulled with a tremendously, violent force.

The screaming. It won't stop.

My heart is beating so fast.

I am trying with all my might, to regain my composure. I am drawing from the far recesses of my memory back to deportment class, of how to maintain an air of poise and grace under duress.

It is safe to say, my efforts are failing miserably.

I feel so sick, my hand is shaking, I can barely write.

My captor must have another prisoner. A man.

The man sounds like he is being tortured. This is all too overwhelming. I cannot help but vividly picture him writhing in agony.

I want to help, but how can I? I cannot even free myself, let alone this poor soul.

Oh, I cannot bear it, this is too much. I'm going to scream out...


It has stopped.

I just opened the bedroom door and screamed, down the hall, "STOP IT, STOP IT," at the top of my lungs. The screams ceased immediately.

The house is quiet again.


I spoke too soon. He is screaming again and it is worse than before.

I want to run away but there is nowhere to go.

My entire body is quivering, I feel nauseous.

I just wish the screaming would end.

I believe there is only one thing I can do, hasten back to the bedroom and bury my head under as many pillows as possible in the hope that I may drown out these deathly howls and block out this nightmare.


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