Entry Twelve

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Geroux... that name rings no bell of a memory.

What a deep, smooth voice. With a cultured resonance indeed. Not the devilishly hoarse timbre that I had expected to hear.

The cheek of him, to be so bold as to invite me to dinner.

My head is spinning. And my heart is racing. I cannot take in what just happened. This gentlemanly-sounding man just invited me to dinner, yet this is the same fiend who snatched me under the cover of darkness. I have no choice but to follow his instruction.

After this bizarre exchange and once my chest had stopped pounding, I prised myself from the place in which I had been standing paralysed and went to view the garments that I am to wear this evening, as per his request. Pinned to the inside of the coat, is a magnificent necklace and two drop earrings, which I suspect may very well be real diamonds.

The gown was comprised of a bodice with intricate bead work, folds of silk and soft, layered net petticoat. Fit for the highest society lady. The 'V' shape of the bodice matched the heart shaped diamond earrings perfectly.

How surreal, that I am about to sit down with my abductor for dinner, wearing the very expensive and intricately designed clothes he provided. I am sickened, yet curious.

The caged bird with the pounding, little heart, that's me, right now.

I do not know what to make of all of this. I have been pacing for around an hour and the sun is now setting, so I must prepare myself for this absurd facade.


When I returned from the study to the bedroom in order to get dressed, I noticed a full-length mirror had somehow appeared in the corner.

I also noticed that I am missing a few items from my room; the candelabra, the clock, my favourite teacup and teapot... It is no surprise, anymore, that things seem to get up and move around or appear of their own accord.

A clean washbasin and drying cloth was provided, so I washed my hair. I have now dressed in the garments he has assigned me and arranged my hair into a captivating coif.

Gazing into the mirror, I can assuredly say that I have never looked so beautiful, yet I have never cared so less. However, I am determined to not appear intimidated, but rather, confident.

There is the distinct possibility that I will be walking to my death.

Or worse, live a life trapped in these walls. Well, whatever the case, I have had enough.

I shall march down the hall, stride into the parlour where we are to eat. Then I will walk directly to Geroux and slap his face.

This is my plan.

I no longer care about the consequences. He shall feel the full brunt of my objections.

If I do not make another entry, I bid you adieu and my dearest reader, you know what you must do.


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