New Book Alert - Alice Logs Into Wonderland

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Alice Logs Into Wonderland blurb:

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Alice Logs Into Wonderland blurb:

More than anything, Alice wants to escape reality.

Facing another summer in country England by herself (the humanoid house maid does not count as company), is a daunting prospect. Alice's goal is to become an Alpha - a revered game testing position in the future - but her applications are continually rejected.

When an unusual opportunity presents itself, a desperate Alice throws herself into this virtual world. However, she discovers a new kind of reality - a dangerous reality she may never escape from.


You can begin reading it right now! Find it on my profile ^_^

ALSO there is a video trailer for book over at the #WattpadBlockParty - check the External Link or the my comment at the end of this post.

Go and check it out - and happy readings ^_^

MAJOR PSA: The final chapters of Belle are being written as I type this - you will get to see how it all ends very soon 🌹

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