Entry Sixty Four

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It has been many weeks since I penned my last entry and it is with a heavy heart that I write today.

This will be quite the effort.

I had to look back to see exactly where I left off.

Oh yes... the noises.

The noises were a surprise, but not planned for me by Geroux. Instead, they were the three wolves that had previously attacked me. They had returned for revenge.

I couldn't smell them due to the fact that they had cunningly approached from down wind. My mind was still racing from Geroux and I kissing only minutes before. I was unfocussed and confused. Kissing my love, had made me feel human again. I had actually begun to disconnect momentarily from my wolf side - poor timing.

I shall never know if those disconnected moments made any difference to what happened next.

Barefoot, I ran through the halls and back out to the terrace, still blissfully unaware of what I was about to find.

When I entered the terrace, the scent cloud hit me like a meat mallet to the face. The Brown, Grey and pure White werewolves, the ones that attacked me had Geroux surrounded. Geroux had transformed into his black and grey streaked wolf-self and by the red stains on his coat, it appeared as though some fighting had already taken place.

The three wolves nipped at Geroux, so focussed on their prey that I was an unknown presence. I burst out of my dress into my silky black lycanthrope form - and golly, did they notice me then.

Snarls and barks came from the White wolf, seemingly directing the other two wolves to attack me. If only my training had been focussed on making me stronger and more apt at in a fight, as opposed to keeping an egg whole, I may have been more effective in the battle was about to unfold.

I tried to keep both wolves in my eye line, but they took turns darting behind me. I had the Brown wolf in my sights, he was low to the ground circling me, waiting to strike. He was a decoy, though, as they Grey beast behind me struck and clamped down on my tail. I howled loudly, but it was more a fright than anything else.

The strength in my body bested the strength in his jaw. I spun around, my tail slid from the grasp of his mouth and I punched him with my paw so hard I knocked a handful of teeth right out of his skull.

Then, not a moment later, the Grey wolf pounced on me. I turned just in time to catch him. The force of his jump rolled me onto my back and I managed to kick him off. I desperately looked over to Geroux, who was locked into a fierce battle with the White wolf. There was a lot of blood, I couldn't tell who was winning.

I wanted to run over and help him, but the Grey wolf had already righted itself and came back for me again. He charged at me, so instinctively, I charged right back at him. As we neared collision, he jumped and I caught him mid air, as he mistimed the jump due to my increased speed. And I somewhat carried him across the terrace under my cocked front right leg, while I kept running on my other three legs.

He didn't fight back, let alone claw or bite me. I think he was in shock that another wolf was capable of completely overpowering him. Before he could act, I threw the Grey wolf from under my leg, launching him a short distance before he slammed with a sickening, spine-breaking crunch, into a stone pillar. I regrouped, anticipating he would fall to the ground, but he didn't. The wolf was embedded into the column. I looked up at his body.

Immobile. Limp. Dead.

Geroux and the White wolf carved through one another as their battle moved from the terrace to inside the house. My heart was racing. Just as I went to chase after them, the Brown wolf had recovered and cut me off at the doorway biting into my right leg.

His teeth had weakened significantly, since I had just destroyed most of them. His bite was no more painful to me than if I had, say, banged my arm. I leaned backward and used both my back feet to kick him directly in the ribs. He went flying across in the terrace.

I went after him, unsure of my next move. He was winded, but managed to get up again and began to run back inside the house. His tail was waving around and I took some inspiration from their earlier attack on me and locked my jaw, which I had only just come to know, around his tail like my life depended on it. The Brown wolf let out the most ear-piercing sound I had ever heard.

Allowing the wolf within me to fully take control, tail still in my mouth, I swung the wolf over my head like the blade of a windmill and with a distressed yelp, he hit the terrace hard with a heavy, floor cracking, thud. My enhanced aural capabilities picked up his heartbeat slowing down and finally ceasing. Blood pooled around his body.

It was interesting how the violence and the blood did not sicken me in the slightest - must be another advantage of wolf-dom.

Without a moment to lose, I ran into the house and through the sitting room as fast as my paws could carry me. In the adjoining hall was Geroux and the White wolf. The wolf was on top of Geroux, biting into Geroux's neck where I had been kissing him twenty minutes or so earlier.

As I entered the surreal battle, the beast within took over completely. I jumped onto the White wolf, knocking him off Geroux. It was a blur of fur, claws and teeth as I thrashed mercilessly at the wolf, gnashing my teeth in case he got close enough for me to bite. He kept squirming out of my grip. In a move I didn't foresee, he head-butted me with such power it blurred my vision. I tried to pounce on him, but my depth perception was compromised and he took that opportunity to return to his attack on Geroux.

I shook off the effects of the head-butt and knew that this time when I attacked the wolf - only one of us would be walking away. Consumed by his fixation on Geroux, he didn't notice me coming from behind. With my nails fully extended, I dug my razor sharp claws into his neck, lifted him off Geroux and threw him across the hall. He hit the wall with such ferocity that his then half-severed head completely detached from his body and fell to the floor in two pieces.

Suddenly, everything went silent. The only thing I could hear was the guttural roll of my own snarl. I surveyed my surrounds - all three intruders were dead, now nothing more than lifeless, furry husks that will forever house their former selves. I instinctively released an enormous and triumphant howl from my lungs. My beast within was acknowledging its hard fought and distressing victory.

Then I saw Geroux, still a wolf. He was covered in bite marks, there was blood everywhere and his breathing was laboured. I knew he was in trouble, but I did not realise at the time just how much trouble. It was so surreal. So harrowing. I could not believe this man I knew as the most powerful being I had ever met, could have been reduced to this - a bloodied and battered mess. The next part is a bit of a blur.


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