Chapter Twenty-Two- No One

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I stared at him as he stared back at me. The veins in his neck were visible as he panted due to his sudden outburst and anger. I crossed my arms over my chest, swallowed harshly, and looked out of the window at the restaurant.

“I want to go home,” I said in a low, soft voice.

He didn't say anything, instead, he just started driving again as the atmosphere seemed to grow thicker between us. His words wouldn't leave my head and I wondered if every word he uttered was actually true or not.

How was I going to face Will now? How was I even going to explain all of this to him?

I felt the tears forming and this time, I didn't do anything to keep them back. Archer had already seen the weak girl within me and at this point I didn't even care anymore. I just wanted to be away from him and his words.

After the minutes that seemed like ages, we finally arrived at Blake's house and without uttering another word, I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. I shut the door in anger and started walking towards the house when I felt a hand gripping onto my arm.

My jaw clenched as he turned me around roughly and looked me straight in the eye.

“Why are you doing this? Are you trying to make me jealous?” his gaze was so intense and the tone of his voice was low.

I tried releasing my arm from his tight grip, but there was no luck, “Listen, I don't care! Even if I tried making you jealous, seems like it would have worked,” I glared at him.

I pushed his chest, making his hand let go of my arm. I turned around and started for the house again before he held onto my waist and pushed me against the car.

I was shocked at this sudden act and looked up at his face. It was dark since it was past midnight already, but the street lights and moon did the perfect job to illuminate his face. His hands held onto my wrists securely as his face was so close to mine, our noses were touching. At this very moment, I didn't know what to say or what to even feel. Should I push him off? But I liked the way his body was against mine. I loved feeling his warm breath against my upper lip, I loved the way my heart was racing, and I knew there was no denying that I actually did feel something for Archer.

I shook off the feels and started protesting against his tight and secure grip, but he didn't budge. All he did was stare at my face. His hand snaked around my waist and he pulled my body closer to his. His other hand made it to my face and then in my hair, stroking it.

“You may try to hate me now, Tris, but I know that deep down you too are asking yourself what these feelings are. Don't take too long in understanding, it might get too late by the time you do,” his voice was a whisper.

“Why...” I breathed out. My chest started feeling heavy by the wave of emotions that hit me, “Why are you doing this...?”

With his thumb he wiped away the tears I hadn't even noticed and I closed my eyes, enjoying his touch.

“Because I'm the only one who can keep you calm...” he said before he let go of me.

He took a step back and I watched him as he turned around and walked back into the house. I stood there, rooted to the ground, his words replaying in my mind over and over again.

Because I'm the only one who can keep you calm...

It struck me and I realized that every word that rolled off his tongue was nothing but the actual truth.

It struck me and I realized that every word that rolled off his tongue was nothing but the actual truth

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I nervously bit onto my nails as I walked around the room, calling Will for the seventh time today. I've been trying to ‘apologize’ to him for Archer's actions last night, but this sonofabitch was refusing to pick up any of my calls. Finally I just gave up and threw my phone on the bed angrily.

I wanted to scream and murder Archer. Everything was going according to the plan and Archer just had to show up and ruin everything for me.

Just as I was about to walk out of my room, my phone started ringing and I stopped. What if that's Will?

I dashed to the phone and grinned when I saw his name on my screen. I cleared my throat and picked up his call.

“Hello?” I said in an attempted soft voice.

“Hey,” he greeted back, “I just saw your calls. I'm sorry, my phone was on silent and I was in the middle of an interview.”

“I'm sorry,” I said innocently, “I just called to apologize for last night.”

He was silent for a few seconds, “It's alright. Who was he anyways?”

I pursed my lips, quickly thinking of an excuse, “He's just a psychotic ex.”

Wow, Tris. Very smart.

“Oh,” he said awkwardly, “How psychotic is he?”

“Don't worry about him. He won't bother us again. So, do you still want to hang out? If you don't, I completely understand.”

I closed my eyes, praying that he'd say yes, and I nearly did a happy dance when he agreed to meet up within a few days.

“When are you free?” he asked.

“Well, we have only two days left of the trip, so after that, once I'm home, I'm free.” I grinned.

“Hmm,” he hummed, “I'll call you when I manage to pick a date. And please, keep that creep away from us next time.”

You're a creep, you bitch.

“Yeah, sure. He won't bother us.”

“Bye, beautiful.”

I cringed again, “Bye!” I squeaked and hung up.

I released the breath I hadn't realized I was holding in and threw the phone on my bed. Hopefully next time everything would go well and nothing, especially Archer, will appear and ruin everything.

I walked out of the room and entered the kitchen where everyone besides Archer and Cody were sitting, stuffing their mouths like pigs. I sat down and pulled my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around them.

“Why were you on a date with a pedo whom you just know for one day?” Asher asked all of a sudden and I snorted.

“Good morning to you too, you little bitch.”

Asher rolled his eyes, “Whatever. Now, answer my question.”

I sighed, “I have my reasons, Asher.”

He gave me a flat look, “Of course you do and I asked you what that reason is.”

I shot him a smile, “I'll tell you guys when the time is right.”

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