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Nerd's twin sister  by XxIronFeyxX
Nerd's twin sister by Irma Warns
Brooklyn (Brook) McQueen: Troublesome, bad girl, gorgeous, intelligent, sarcastic, smokes, has a few tattoos and piercings, twin sister of Amalia McQueen. Amalia McQuee...
  • badboybadgirl
  • twin
  • trouble
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Badboy Vs. Badgirl (J.JK) by bellaetriz
Badboy Vs. Badgirl (J.JK)by bellaetriz
COMPLETED ✔️ It's the battle of the coldest. Who will win in this tough fight of love and whose heart is really made of stone? Kyong Haewon is the ultimate badgirl and e...
  • jimin
  • jk
  • love
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His Bad Girl by shortINA918
His Bad Girlby Ani
"Oh, do you really like me?" I asked him once again. He did something I didn't imagine him to do again. He kissed me once again, but it was only for a short t...
  • humor
  • bad
  • romance
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The Alpha's Bad Boys | boyxboyxgirl ✎ by its_just_a_lovestory
The Alpha's Bad Boys | its_just_a_lovestory
Ezra Harland, dubbed as the ultimate ladies man and the suave player who breaks girls' hearts left and right, is off to college. His bad boy ways, timely quips, sweet as...
  • straight
  • badboy
  • beta
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Bad Boy Wants The Bad Girl  by Sassylovely
Bad Boy Wants The Bad Girl by Sassylovely
Sarah Anderson Rude Player Bad Girl Street fighter Reckless Ryder Floyd Rude Player Gangleader Bad Boy Reckless What happens when Sarah goes to school one day and the da...
  • rulebreakers
  • badgirlbadboy
  • rude
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Fake Love | ✔ by Lillian_heatheart
Fake Love | ✔by Lillian_heatheart
(Book one in the "Cold-blooded Love" series.) "I want to get back at Sierra, and I know you do too. Can you shove aside your hatred for me for a moment an...
  • revenge
  • highschool
  • fakerelationship
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He Is Her Beta | Bad Boy x Bad Girl | by Its_Just_A_Heart
He Is Her Beta | Bad Boy x Bad Haseena Asan
❝The more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them.❞ * Beta Ezra Harland gives a new definition to the words 'Tall, Dark and Handsome'. His bad bo...
  • badgirl
  • teenfiction
  • humor
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The Bad Boys by ExactAura
The Bad Boysby 🌸Nicole🌸
There are three bad boys of Brookshire High and they are Axel Thrasher, Blake Lockhart and Nathan Rostro and somehow Oriana Thorn gets a house with all of them. She's pr...
  • roommates
  • badgirl
  • fighting
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Broken with Broken - Coming Soon by Aesthetic1244
Broken with Broken - Coming Soonby 𝒜𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪
"Everyone knew that what was left of their broken hearts would be perfect for each other." Straight from juvenile hall, Addison slowly falls for Michael. Takin...
  • badboyxbadgirl
Bad Boys Bring Heaven To You by thrlils
Bad Boys Bring Heaven To Youby thrlils
I felt his presence behind me, trying to ignore him I kept walking to my locker. Stares from fellow students become glares as they see the mystery girl that he's followi...
  • badgirl
  • badboy
  • popular
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the nerds aren't real nerds by lee_woods
the nerds aren't real nerdsby lee_woods
"Fuck you I'm trying to sleep" she said "Fuck you too." Was all she heard before her earbuds were pulled from my ears. "What th-" she st...
  • badboy
  • tears
  • racer
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Broken Past by xXShaodwXx
Broken Pastby xXShaodwXx
" I know your hiding something Erika Jones, and I am going to find out what your little secret is" the voice said with a serious tone "You know nothing a...
  • broken
  • badgirl
  • fallingforthebadboy
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UNDERCOVER BADASS by cattysweet55
Leah Carter Poolson is just a normal new girl whose a nerd who goes to a normal school. OR IS SHE ? by day she attends school and taking geography pop quizzes and makin...
  • bad
  • faux
  • pleaseread
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Blackmailed by the BadBoy ||COMPLETED|| ✔ by Imperfect_Queenn
Blackmailed by the BadBoy || ❣ Vαℓєитιиα ❣
'Life never ends in a happy ending. . . I don't know why I expected one.' Demi Alvaro is not one to be messed with. It's as simple as that. She's tough, feisty, and w...
  • crush
  • secrets
  • player
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The Gangster  by EzriMonroe
The Gangster by EzriMonroe
  • gangster
  • relationship
  • marianastrench
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Bad by seaofsilence
Badby ˗ˏˋCara Antonˎˊ˗
Both Eli and Raina have been through things that most would say are unbelievable. Due to this, they distanced themselves from everyone. Until... they confide in each oth...
  • past
  • kiss
  • badboylovestory
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Even a Princess has secrets by KawaiiPrincessL
Even a Princess has secretsby ρяιи¢єѕѕ
Why should a teenager's life be anything but normal? Princess Luna Jones has some dark secrets. And yet, even her family had secrets, was there another reason why her p...
  • lovehaterelationship
  • badboyxbadgirl
  • violent
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All Mine by unknownlover3201
All Mineby Unknown Lover
"Have you thought about what I said?" "Yes." "And you're answer is...?" "No." "Final answer...?" "No." "...
  • secrets
  • ruthless
  • college
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The Badgirl's Daughter by NikkiBunny01
The Badgirl's Daughterby Nikki
*Sequel to The Badgirl's Story* (You don't need to read the first one to read this. But you really should so it makes a little more sense). *I will write a better summar...
  • simmons
  • badgirl
  • jessica
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We Will Be Friends  by fandom_fueled
We Will Be Friends by fandom_fueled
"Welcome to my past." I say softly, motioning beside me. His eyes widen in disbelief. Slowly he runs a finger along the white line on my cheek, the question cl...
  • teenfiction
  • badboy
  • badboyxbadgirl
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