Chapter Nine- Storm

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"Here you go," I smiled warmly as I handed Aria the chocolate bar. She shot me a faint smile and took it.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

I sighed and sat down next to her. Aria was feeling messed up since we heard from the doctor that Blake's condition was very critical. She cried for a solid thirty minutes, but now she calmed down a bit.

Archer and Asher were here already and Cody was on his way. Jake left a few minutes ago and promised to pick me up later if he manages to get out of the family reunion Dad planned.

"Aria, Blake's going to be fine," Asher held her hands as she shakily tried opening the packet.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and nodded. "Asher is right. Blake is a fighter, you know that."

All this time, Archer had been silent. I couldn't even look at him after finding out what happened the night we got drunk. Tears streamed down Aria's face again and she continuously carried on wiping them away furiously.

"I'm scared, guys." Aria cried.

"He likes you too, you know." Archer said all of a sudden.

All three of us looked up at him as he looked at Aria with his arms crossed over his chest. Aria watched him with a shocked expression.

"It should have been obvious. You can be stupid sometimes, Aria. You have no idea how obvious your love is." Archer sighed.

"Love?" I looked at them, not even knowing what was going on.

"Aria and Blake are childhood friends. They both love each other like crazy and neither of them ever expressed it. Everyone could see it besides these two idiots." Asher rolled his eyes.

I smiled, "See, that's another reason not to lose hope. He'll make it, Aria."

Aria opened her mouth to say something, but the doctor appeared and shot us a sad smile. “Visiting hours are over. It's getting late, I suggest you go home and get some rest,” he said specifically to Aria. “One of you can stay here, if that makes you feel better.” And with that said, the doctor left, leaving us behind.

“Guys, go, I'll stay,” Asher said. “Besides, Cody will be here in a few and I'll talk to the doctor about it. Take Aria home, she needs rest.”

“Asher's right.” I said and looked at Aria, hoping that she wouldn't argue against it.

Thankfully she didn't and stood up. Archer nodded at her and we said goodbye to Asher. We then walked out of the hospital and got in Archer's car. He then drove us to Aria's home, and decided that it would be best if we stayed with Aria. She needed a friend and I wasn't going to leave her alone.

I sat on the couch and Aria lied down, staring at the television screen as I turned it on. Archer went to the kitchen and I actually wished that he would just leave, but he told Aria that he was going to stay.

“Aria,” Archer called but she didn't answer. I looked at her and realized that she was asleep.

“She's asleep,” I called back annoyed.

He didn't say anything and I was glad he kept his mouth shut. A sudden thunder made my heart beat faster. I froze right on the spot.

“Please don't rain...” I breathed out. “Please, no lightening...” I chanted as if the Gods would hear me and grand my wish. 

Just as that thought crossed my mind, my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I frowned and quickly fished it out of my pocket. My frown got even deeper when I realized it's Jake. I walked out of the living room, which brought me right into the kitchen.

I ignored Archer and picked up. I didn't even get a chance to say hello before Jake started speaking,

"Where are you?" he asked. He sounded worried.

"What's wrong, Jake? Are you al—"

"Dammit, where are you?!" he cut me off.

"Uhm, I-I'm still at Aria's," I stuttered.

"Listen, do you have your pills?" he asked and breathed out in frustration.

My eyes grew wide. "N-no, I forgot them in the car! Jake, w-what's wrong?"

By now, Archer stared at me as I continued asking Jake what happened.

"Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" Jake breathed out. I was about to talk about I heard him talk to someone who appeared to be our parents. "She doesn't have them!"

"Jake, calm down." I heard Dad's voice. "You'll worsen it."

"You know what she does, Dad. We... We have to do something!"

"Jake...?" a low squeak left my mouth.

"Tris, listen to me, close all the windows, and curtains. Stay with someone, okay? Don't stay alone!”

I frowned. “But why?”

“There's going to be a storm.” he said and my eyes grew wide. “And there's going to be a lot of lightening.”

“No...” I breathed out.

“The rain already started here, and it can get bad.” Jake said, his voice getting softer.

“I-I'll be fine...” I breathed out.

I know I won't.

“Please, just...” he breathed out. “If something goes wrong, call us, okay?”

I pursed my lips and nodded slightly. “Yeah, I will.”

With that said, Jake hung up after saying goodbye. I never went through one of these without having my parents or Jake around. Or even without my pills. Usually they would give me sleeping pills, so I would sleep through it all, or they would just hold onto me as I kept having the worst panic attacks.

Suddenly the rain started pouring down and loud thunders were heard. I ran to the kitchen window, still ignoring Archer's gaze on me. I looked outside and my heartbeat increased. I saw a lightening bolt in the distance and my eyes grew wide. No, I was supposed to be past this!

I ran around the entire house, closing all the windows and pulling all the curtains. I was happy Archer didn't ask anything, and I knew that I had to play it cool, because I don't want him to know anything. I don't want him to see me at my weakest point.

If only I knew how wrong I was.


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