Chapter Thirty-Five- And Down Goes The Willie

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I entered the kitchen and looked around. I waited for the phone in my pocket to vibrate as signal that Jake had already started the loop for the cameras. He said he wouldn't be able to take care of the hidden cameras that weren't connected to any computer, so we had to be careful. A hidden camera could be anywhere.

Besides, once Emma gets this house, everything would finally be safe. 

I poured two glasses of water and just as I placed them on the counter, my phone vibrated. To be sure it was Jake, I checked my phone and placed it back in my pocket, taking out the sleeping tablets I crushed at home and wrapped it in a piece of paper, as sneaky as possible, so the camera's wouldn't be able to catch it. I quickly poured all of it in his glass of water and drank mine before placing the empty glass in the sink. I shoved the piece of paper in my pocket and walked to his room with his water.

I closed the door behind me and he smiled as I walked over to him with a grin on my face. I handed him the glass if water and he drank it all up as I sat on the bed again. He rested his hand on my lap and I ran a hand through his hair soothingly, trying to make him fall asleep faster.

Finally after much more useless conversations, Will's eyes finally closed and he drowned to a deep slumber. I got up from the bed, not even caring about the fact that his head hit the bed rather roughly. I walked to the front door and opened it, where Archer sneaked into the house so the neighbors don't see him. I quickly closed the door and we quickly made our way back to the room. I looked at Will sleeping on the bed and I just wish I could beat him up just like I beat up Christian's Mom with a baseball bat.

“Come on, it has to be here somewhere,” Archer breathed out as he rattled through Will's stuff.

I pushed the thoughts of killing Will aside for a while and started looking for the card that could get us into Will's office. I looked under his pillows, in his drawers, under his bed, under his books, in the pockets of his clothes, but found nothing. Archer wasn't having any luck with it either. We turned the entire room upside down, but yet there was no card to be seen.

“Where did he even put it?” I groaned in frustration.

Archer rested both of his hands on his hips, panting and sweating, “He's smarter than I thought,” he looked at me and I bit my bottom lip.

“Yeah, but we don't have enough time. We have to do this quickly, because we have a lot to handle tomorrow,” I said and he nodded in return.

“Come on. Where would you hide a card that is the key to a door that hides all your secret information?” Archer breathed heavily.

“It's not on his desk,” I responded, feeling sweat drip down my forehead.

“Neither in the closet,” Archer turned his head to my direction.

“Not even in these drawers,” I pointed at the drawers of his desk. “Not even in any pocket of his clothes in the closet,” I sighed heavily.

“Did you check his wallet?” he asked and I looked at him, suddenly feeling stupid.

I'm sure we both were feeling stupid.

I ran over to the sleeping Will and felt his pockets, searching for his wallet. I checked the pocket of his suit and smirked victoriously as I took hold of his wallet. I took out all his cards, checking them one by one and then putting it back to their exact same spot if not needed.

“I found it!” I squealed as I pulled the green card out of the wallet.

Archer and I rushed out of the room to his office at the end of the hallway. We looked at each other before I slid the card down the vertical crack right next to the door handle. The light of the crack turned green and and the door unlocked.

Using Archer's hoodie, I opened the door, so my fingerprints wouldn't remain on the doorhandle. The door opened, revealing a huge black glass desk with a desktop on it along with papers and files scattered around.

We entered the office and the first thing Archer went for was the computer while I looked around to see if I could find something that could help us in the future. I heard Archer turn on the laptop as I walked to the left of the office, where a cabinet stood waiting for me. I opened it, looking through the papers and more.

I was about to open the drawers when Archer called me over. I sprinted towards him and looked at the screen as he spoke.

“He's a major idiot,” Archer sighed as he clicked on a folder. “He has all his information saved in this folder. Every password, all his contacts, every information he has with the mafia. If we leak the information of the mafia through his desktop to one of his enemies, things will turn out better for us.”

I grinned, “You know what to do, dear Archer.”

Archer grinned back at me, “I do, you beautiful bitch.”

And with that said, everything was sent to Jake's laptop and every data was cleared once all the information was leaked.

Will is fucking doomed.

My eyes opened and I was alone on the bed

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My eyes opened and I was alone on the bed. I frowned, looking around, but didn't see Will around. I got out of the room and walked to the kitchen where I saw him in front of the fridge, shirtless and wearing sweatpants.

“Good morning,” I acted happy and giddy.

Will turned around and a wide smile spread across his face, “Good morning, beautiful.”

There he goes being cringy again.

“So, how did you sleep?” he asked and I walked over to him.

“I slept well. You?” I stood next to him.

He opened his mouth to say something, but at that moment, the doorbell rang and we were forced to the main door. I already knew who was at the front door and I was all hyped up for this moment.

As soon as Will opened the door, we heard a loud voice saying, ‘hi’. It was a man who seemed a little bit older than Will. There was some resemblance though. He was wearing a black long sleeved button up shirt along with jeans. His black hair was pointing to all directions with some gray hairs in between. His blue eyes were fixed on Will as a sly smile played on his lips.

“Kace? What are you doing here?” Will blurted rather shocked.

Well, isn't he polite.

“You little bitch, you called me,” he laughed.

I took out my phone and immediately texted Emma. I then looked back up at Will and his brother.

“I did?” Will frowned. “I don't think I did.”

Kace rolled his eyes, “You were probably drunk.”

Without any invitation, Kace entered the house and set his eyes on me.

“Now, who is this fine lady?” he asked, making me raise my eyebrow at him.

“That's Julia,” he nodded his head at me.

I stretched my arm to shake his hand, but before we could actually talk to each other, Emma's voice rang through my ears loud and clear. Happiness burst into me and I looked over to her, my eyes probably glistening.

Perfect timing.

“Will Trinton, I believe we have some unfinished business to take care of,” she said confidently as her gaze met his.

I nearly laughed as I thought,
And down goes the Willie.”

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