Chapter Nineteen- Off The Bucket List

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“No! You're fucking cheating!” I glared at Asher.

He faked an offended expression and placed his hand on his chest, “I am not!”

“Asher, you're supposed to be in jail!” Aria argued along.

“No! I was on Community Chest!” he defended himself.

“Asher, you little son of a bitch, you cheated!” Blake placed Asher's shoe in jail.

Asher rolled his eyes, “Fine, because I'm feeling generous, I'll play along, just for your satisfaction,” he shrugged.

I rolled my eyes and gave his head a light push, making him glare at me, “Generous my ass.”

We continued playing our board game without Asher being a further problem. We were loud, that for sure. Screaming every time we had to give out money, or whenever we had to receive money. The most frustrating parts were when one of us had to go to jail. But of course, everyone enjoyed Asher's stay in jail, just because it was silent.

After a while of playing, we just got bored and cleaned up. The actual plan for today was to go swimming, but because I'm on my period and am refusing to use a tampon or anything besides a pad, we postponed that.

On the other hand, Aria was very excited for the wedding. In my entire life I've once been to an Indian wedding and I can say that it is absolutely breathtaking. We were on the bride's side, whose father is Aria's Dad's colleague.

Thank God, I brought my dress and makeup just in case. Otherwise I would have to go shopping and there is nothing I hate more than shopping. Maybe I hate Archer more, but whatever.

Since any of us were too lazy to drive around, we just decided to stay home and be more lazy. Besides, we had to have enough rest so we wouldn't end up dozing off at the wedding.

Asher placed a mattress on the floor earlier when we were playing Monopoly, so I just lay down on that and closed my eyes. I felt myself fading into darkness before I felt something on my back, making me jump up and look around in alert.

“Dafuq, bitch. I was just laying down, stop with your ninja ass, dude,” Cody watched me with wide eyes.

I shot him a flat look and he just smiled widely, but with a kind of horrified look on his face. As if he were on the same bed with Taylor Swift kind of horrified look.  

I shook my head at him and lied down the bed again. Cody rested his head on my back once again, and soon, we were sleeping like a pair of dead people.

 Cody rested his head on my back once again, and soon, we were sleeping like a pair of dead people

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I rushed out of the shower and zipped open my bag, fishing my floor length dress out. I put on my underwear and finally my dress. It was a strapless dress that reached the floor and the skirt was wide enough to make a girl feel like a princess, which I'm not and don't want to be either.

I tied my hair in a quick bun and rushed on to makeup. I did a full face of makeup, finishing it with a red matte lipstick that left me looking bold, yet elegant. I then let down my hair and brushed it, curling it afterwards.

I looked at my reflection and smiled, that was worth the time I spent on it. I sat on the bed and put on my silver high heels, which you could obviously not see, because the dress was that long. I wore a simple silver necklace, following with a matching bracelet and then the earrings I almost forgot about.

I took a deep breath, grabbed my purse and ran downstairs where the guys were waiting for Aria and I. They hadn't noticed me and I smiled when I saw what they were wearing.

They were all wearing black jeans and long sleeved button up shirts along with ties. The only difference was the colors of the shirts. Their sleeves were rolled up to their elbows and the ties were all black.

Asher was wearing a red shirt, Cody's was blue, Blake's was grey, and Archer's was black. Of course along with their outfits they wore their expensive watches, and even though they looked simple, they still looked cute in a way; even Archer, as much as I hate to admit that.

Aria joined along and this time they noticed, because she wasn't as silent as I was. Aria was wearing a red dress with her hair in a beautiful bun. She looked even more beautiful than I did with the bold makeup that gave her some sort of dominant look.

“Whoa...” Asher breathed out as he watched us, “You guys... Look hot.”

I grinned at Asher, “Thank you. You guys don't look bad yourself,” I said and Aria chuckled, making me smile.

Finally after a small chat we left for the wedding. Once we were there, we hopped out of the car and what I saw in front of me made my jaw drop.

It was huge! Everything was so beautifully decorated! In the front of the house there were fairy lights hanging down from the roof. Even the trees were decorated with them. There was a red carpet that led us inside and I nearly gasped. Everything was decorated in red and gold. Right in the middle was the huge amazingly decorated mandap, which is where the wedding actually takes place. I remembered my Dad talking about it last time.

We greeted the parents of the bride and it was amazing watching all these people in all the traditional clothes with the Indian music in the background.

Just amazing.

I loved these kind of things. I loved all the experience. It gave me such an incredible undescribable feeling.

I looked around and then I noticed this low platform with two elegant empty chairs at the other end of the hall. I guess that's where the bride and the groom will end up sitting after the marriage.

The marriage wasn't happening yet, we could only see the groom sitting in the mandap with his face covered with those kind of strings with flowers attached to his head wrap.

I now understood why Aria was so excited for this.


It was all smiles and giggles and amazement until I set my eyes on him.

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