Chapter Six- Party

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The party wasn't that bad, actually. The music was good, alcohol was good, some guys here looked absolutely delicious, and the guys really didn't abandon me, which was amazing.

I was having my fourth drink and somewhere had the feeling that I obviously was going to get wasted. I was already wasted. Aria went off with Blake to dance or something while Cody was flirting with this girl he found 'hot'. I rested my head on Asher's shoulder and laughed for no reason at all.

"This party, is stupid." I said, realizing I was drunk.

"Wow, you're already drunk." Asher chuckled.

I frowned and sat up again. I pointed my index finger at him, poking his chest as I drunkily moved forward. "Shut up."

Asher didn't say anything. He just rolled his eyes, but with a playful smile. I stood up and Asher held my hand, asking me where I was going. I got closer to his ear and whispered,

"I have to pee," before walking off with a giggle.

Asher didn't follow me. He just shook his head with a grin on his face as he watched me walk to the restroom. I looked around, making my way through the drunk kissing teenagers. The only thing I was wishing for was for this party to not turn into an orgy. That would be pretty fucking weird.

I giggled. The weirdest thoughts cross my mind when I'm drunk. Suddenly I felt a hand grasp my upper arm and push me against the wall. I hissed in pain as my head hit the wall I was thrown against. I looked at the person.

It was quite dark, which made it difficult to identify his face. Why the fuck is it always this dark at parties? Did the organizer really wish for an orgy?

"Who are you?" I asked in a drunk voice.

His face came closer to mine and I felt his hot breath on my lip. It was just the smell of alcohol and it honestly make me feel nauseous.

"You don't know me," the mysterious person said.

I chuckled. "Good. I don't want to know you either."

I was about to walk away, but he pushed me back and held my face roughly. "We could have some fun." he said, trying to sound seductive, which he epically failed at.

"I wouldn't recommend that, buddy. I am a pretty dangerous girl." I said, and I knew exactly that he would laugh at my words.

He did exactly what I thought. He laughed. I didn't say anything; just smirked to myself. "You don't look dangerous,"

"Well, then I suppose you should think twice before assuming anything," I said and before he could answer, I kicked him between his legs.

He released a groan out of pain as he held onto his crotch. "I told you not to underestimate me." and with that said, I punched him in the face and kicked him to the floor.

People around us gave me weird looks and I didn't really care. I just shot the guy one last glance before walking outside. It was pretty cold out there and I certainly felt a little wobbly.

I looked at the trees behind the fence and sighed. I didn't exactly regret coming to this party. I needed to get drunk. It was the only time I didn't get to take in those pills. I closed my eyes before opening them again.

I frowned when I noticed a guy standing near the fence. Thinking it was someone feeling sad, I walked up to them and placed my hand on his shoulder. To my surprise, it was Archer standing there. I frowned at him.

"Why aren't you inside?" I asked.

I noticed he was a little wobbly too. "I could ask you the same thing." by the tone of his voice, I immediately knew that he was drunk. As drunk as I was.

"But you could go inside and have some fun. You clearly need to get laid." I giggled and he chuckled.

"No, I don't want to get laid. What I want is to get rid of the weird feeling I get when I see you." he laughed.

I poked his cheek. "But you're such a bitch towards me. Is the feeling hatred?"

He turned around. "How are we still capable of standing on our own feet?" he frowned adorably. "No, I don't think it is."

I rolled my eyes. "You're so complicated." I said as I sat down on the stone floor. I grabbed him by his hand and pulled it, making him sit next to me.

"It's funny how I hate you, but I'm still here talking to your grumpy ass." I looked at him.

I felt as if I were floating. "Hey! I'm not grumpy!" he defended himself. "I just... Have my reasons." he said.

I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder. "We can be friends while we're drunk," I laughed. "Because sober us despise each other."

"True." he poked my forehead, making me frown.

"Don't poke my forehead." I hit his shoulder playfully.

"But it's too big to be a forehead!" he gasped as he poked it again. "Sober us are stupid." he smiled down at me.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "No, you're stupid. You started hating me for no reason!"

Archer didn't say anything and looked up at the sky. "It's funny how none of us will remember this in the morning." he looked back down at me. "Don't you think it's crazy how we become a whole new person when we're drunk?"

I nodded on agreement, "Yes, my..." I squinted my eyes at him. "Whatever the fuck you are." I waved my hand in dismissal. "I sometimes wish that I could stay this person forever. No pain, no bad memories, just me in my floating bubble."

Archer chuckled. "The past can be painful, yeah."

"Why do you hate me? I'm so cute!" I pinched his upper arm as I pouted.

Archer threw his arm over my shoulder and his lips came closer to my ear, making me feel a certain way. "No, Tris," he whispered. "I don't hate you," his lips rested on my ear and I closed my eyes. "I hate your BIG FOREHEAD!" he shouted in my ear, making me scream in return.

"Archer! You motherfucker!" I hit him, but we ended up laughing like crazy.

Oh, how I wish everything could stay like that.



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