Chapter Twenty-Three- The Last Day

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It was finally the last day of our trip. I would be lying if I said that it hadn't been an amazing experience. Yesterday we drove around, went from club to club, got completely wasted, and ended up falling asleep on the floor.

Yes, the floor.

But it was a lot of fun and I definitely wanted to do this again, but without Archer. Things had been really awkward between Archer and I and I had a feeling that the others noticed but chose not to say anything. He would give me certain looks and when I looked, like an abnormal person he would continue on staring at me. Quite uncomfortable, I must say.

We weren't sure on what to do today, though we didn't want to tire ourselves too much since we have to leave tomorrow, but of course, we wanted to enjoy our last day.

My phone vibrated in the pocket of my shorts and I took it out, checking what the notification was for. To my surprise it was a useless text from Will that said, ‘Hello, beautiful ;)

I mentally shuddered at the winking emoji. This guy seriously is nothing but creepy, but then again, I was leading him on, so it is partly my fault. I was still exactly planning on how I would ruin him, though. I still needed a lot more information about him, but because of Archer, my entire plan failed. For ten years I've been looking for this guy and now that I have him, I can't wait another second to snap his neck with my own hands. 

“Let's go swimming!” Asher suggested and my face lit up.

“Yes! My period stopped yesterday, so yes!” I cackled.

“Finally!” Cody shouted happily and ran off to probably get his stuff.

The rest of us did the same. I decided that I was going to swim with the clothes I was wearing now, which was a random short I chose and my black tank top. I tied my hair in a messy bun and rested my sunglasses on my head. I then filled a bag with my bra, underwear and a black summer dress. I don't really like dresses, but this one time won't kill me. I then continued filling it with my lotion, suncream, and deodorant along with my towel, which I almost forgot about.

I quickly replied to Will's message before running back down with my bag over my shoulder. I ran into the kitchen and sat on the dining table. If I was at home and even dared thinking of sitting on the dining table, Mom would have murdered me without me even realizing it. I seriously have no idea how my family is so violent. Don't blame me for being fucked up.

I sighed crossing my legs Indian style. Aria then jogged into the kitchen and threw an apple at me, which I obviously caught and immediately took a bite of.

“So, where are we going?” I asked with an apple filled mouth.

Aria breathed out as she took four bottles water out of the fridge, “This lake a few kilometers away from here. We always go there before leaving. It's nice.”

I raised my eyebrow at her, “Then what's the point of that huge-ass pool in the front?”

Aria chuckled, “Well, not in the mood.”

I rolled my eyes and silently continued eating my apple. The rest of the group entered the kitchen and objects were being thrown all over the place, ‘hold this,’ but I just sat there, eating my apple.

“So, bitches,” Blake tapped the tips of this fingers on the table, “Ready to go?”

I grinned and nodded eagerly and so did the others. We decided that we would just buy some food on our way there instead of cooking at home, we also took a few bottles of water with us, since dear Asher the pig was among us. Yes, I'm a hundred percent sure that he alone is going to drink at least three out of the five. Pig.

“I call Aria!” Blake shouted all of a sudden and my eyes grew wide.

I was about to call Cody, but before I could, Asher called Cody, making me glare at him.

“Asher, you son of a bitch, I will fucking drown you today!” I growled and his eyes grew wide.

“Someone save me from werewolf lady!” he screamed like a girl as he ran out of the house with me hot on his heels.

I finally ran out of breath an stood there, “Asher... W-wait, you bitch!” I panted.

He walked over to me and rolled his eyes in annoyance, “This is why you should drink more water,” he patted my head.

I glared up at him and he just grinned victoriously and hopped in the car along with Cody. I sighed in defeat and got in the car with Archer. We didn't look at each other, neither did we say anything to each other.

We started driving and I did everything and anything to avoid eye contact with Archer. What do I even think of him? Of us?

After a while of driving, they finally took a left turn and stopped. I smiled to myself as I looked at the lake surrounded by huge trees in front of me. This is just beautiful. Now I understood why they chose here instead of the pool at home.

I was about to get out of the car, but froze when realization hit me, “Uh... Archer...” I called him and he hummed in return, “We forgot to buy the food...” I said carefully.

I watched as his head slowly raised and he looked at me with wide eyes, “Fuck. Don't worry, I'll tell Asher and Cody to take care of it.”

I nodded and we got out of the car. I threw my bag over my shoulder, taking a deep breath. Nature really is an amazing thing.

Archer walked over to Cody and I suppose he told him to go buy the food because within a few minutes they already took off. I joined Aria and Blake and grinned at them.

“How did you guys even find this place?” I asked and Aria laughed.

“Asher fell out of the car and ended up here,” she said and my eyes grew wide.

“He fell from the car?! How the fuck did he manage that?!” I asked, knowing that that was probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard about Asher.

“I'm surprised you're surprised. Asher is the clumsiest of us all. You're probably the craziest, but whatever,” she waved me off as I gasped.

“I have no idea why you'd even add that, but whatever.”

And like that, we carried on talking about their previous trips until the other three idiots came back with pizza. Everything was placed in Blake's car carefully and finally, things got crazy.

You guessed it, starting with Asher.

He took off his shirt and screamed like a madman as he jumped in the lake, creating a huge splash. I facepalmed myself and laughed, but that laugh soon turned into a scream when Cody picked me up and threw me in the lake.

I quickly swam back to the surface and was ready to yell at Cody when everyone else jumped in.

This was going to be the best last day of any trip ever.

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