Chapter Thirty-Seven- Officially Fucked

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We made our way to the basement, gasping at all the luxury in front of me. There were two sofas, expensive looking paintings hanging on the white painted walls, the floor was completely covered with white tiles. There was a pool table in the middle as well as a bar at the wall to my left. There was even a chandelier hanging down the ceiling right above the pool table.

I wonder if he has organized orgies here before.

I almost chuckle at the thought. It did seem like that kind of place though. I wouldn't be surprised if I found a hidden closet filled with BDSM equipment.

Fifty Shades Of Will.

Stop, Rianna, stop.

"Wear the gloves," he said as he handed me some gloves and I nodded, taking it from him and wearing it afterwards.

We made our way to the plant, moving it. Archer and I looked at each other, slightly feeling overwhelmed. I had no idea how all of this was going to end. I was so scared that I would end up in jail for this, or worse, get killed by the Mafia.

"Ready?" he asked and I nodded.


With that said, Archer went on his knees and started removing the four tiles that indeed revealed a trap door. Once he opened the trap door, I felt an odd feeling in a stomach that could literally knock the air out of me.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, preparing myself for what was down there. We climbed down the ladders and finally reached the underground vault.

It was right in front of me, the huge safe that contained nothing but Will's doom. Archer took my hand in his and we made our way to the safe. Archer let go of my hand and placed the white thing that had Will's fingerprint imprinted on it, on his thumb. He looked down at the biometric lock system and placed his thumb with Will's fingerprint on it. I closed my eyes in fear that we would fail and the alarm would go off, but instead of that, I heard the safe open.

My eyes popped open and I looked at the now open safe. A huge grin appeared on both, mine and Archer's face and we hurried towards the smaller glass safe that was the only wall between me and the diamonds.

"What's the password?" Archer looked at me, and I thought back to the folder on Jake's laptop.

"July 12!" I whispers yelled, remembering the password.

"Space?" he asked and I shook my head saying 'no'.

Archer slowly started typing the password carefully and my heart started pounding once again only to calm down when the safe slowly opened. I closed my eyes, glad for this moment. Glad for this small success.

But we still have a lot to do. We still have a long road to go.

Archer slowly took the diamonds and carefully placed them in his bag. We then put everything back in place before climbing up the ladders, placing back the tiles as well as the plant, and then dashed out of the basement. Archer and I quickly made our way back to the living room where we stopped and looked at each other with grins on our faces.

"I can't believe we did this..." I breathed out happily.

Archer placed his hands on my shoulders and gave my forehead a light kiss.

"Tomorrow is finally the last day. Be prepared. I'll also take care of these diamonds and you'll be home before the Mafia reaches Will. Okay?" he said and I nodded.

He gave me one last kiss on the lip before dashing out of the house in the dark. I closed the door and leaned against it, my heart pounding in excitement.

Why was I getting a thrill after doing something completely illegal?

Why was I getting a thrill after doing something completely illegal?

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My eyes popped open then I felt something on my lips. I heard a chuckle and it took me a while to realize that it was Will who kissed me awake. I wanted to cringe so bad, but instead I forced a smile on my face.

He smiled back at me and rested his fingertips on my cheek, watching me closely. All I could think of was pushing him off the bed, but unfortunately, that was something I was never going to be able to do. Not even killing him with my own hands.

"You're pretty," he stroked my hair.

That's gorgeous to you, you fucking son of a bitch.

"Thank you," I responded.

"I didn't know I was so tired last night. I didn't intend to just fall asleep like that. I hope you don't mind?" he wore a worried facial expression.

I shook my head, "It's alright. A man needs his rest."

Of course I didn't mind giving you those pills.

"Thank God. I thought you'd get mad at me or something."

We got up from the bed and I just chose not to respond. We made our way to the kitchen where Will gave me a bowl of cereal. I was about to eat when a loud bang on the door startled me. Will frowned and I got rather annoyed at the loud, startling sound. He jogged out of the kitchen to the door and I heard him open it. As soon as I heard Emma's familiar voice, I left my cereal and ran to the living room where I saw Emma standing there with the papers in her hand.

She looked at me in disgust, obviously that was part of the act, before looking back at Will.

"Will Trinton, I want you to leave this house at once," she said in a confident tone and even though Will started laughing, her expression did not change.

"What the fuck are you talking, woman?" he said in between his laughter.

She held the papers in front of him and said, "This is the power of attorney, by which means that all your property, such as houses, companies and other legal matters, are now fully owned by none other than me. Your signature below, along with your brother's, legally allows that," Emma smirked confidently. Will made a move to grab the papers, but she quickly took it out of his reach, "The cops are right outside just in case you think you can act smart and make a move."

"You fucking bitch!" he growled, which just made Emma smirk even more.

"In short, you are fucked, Will Trinton," she laughed.

He most definitely is.

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