Chapter Thirty-Four- Bullseye

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He readjusted his suit and cleared his throat, looking at me with a small smile on his face. I smiled back, watching him take a bite of his salad.

"So," I broke our silence. He looked up at me, paying attention to what I was about to say. I was bored of this stupid restaurant and his dates. "I don't understand one thing," I pursed my lips.

A light frown appeared on his face, "What is it?"

I started getting a bit nervous, my heart beating a bit faster, "I- you don't mind me asking about your personal life, do you?" I placed my hand on his.

He shook his head, saying no. "No, of course I don't.

"Alright then," I grinned. "So, I was curious after seeing you in that magazine," I started, watching him frown even deeper. I continued, "I was wondering, you're the owner of over eighty million dollars, I expected you to have a bigger house and all. You know, the typical kind of billionaire stuff."

A smile crept onto his face and he let his fork rest on his plate as he looked at me. "You're right. What millionaire wouldn't want a big house?" he chuckled, "That was my old house the other day. I was going to give it to Emma, but she's ungrateful."

I tried keeping my posture, but deep down I was mentally strangling him while yelling at him about how greedy he actually is. How do people like him even exist?

"She seemed like an awfully great person to me, if I have to be honest," I said and he held back a laugh.

"She seems like it, but she's wicked," he responded as he took another bite of his salad.

I had already finished mine and all I had left was some champagne.

"I guess not everyone is what they seem to be," I said rather shady, thinking back to those horrible days.

"I suppose," he nodded and smiled widely.

"I want to see your house," I said out of the blue and I nearly smirked when he froze.

I was so confident in my plan, that I knew that he would easily fall into every trap we laid for him. Up until now we only had one problem, and I hope that Archer manages to take care of it before everything fails.

Will looked up at me, "Sure... I could show you. I mean, we are dating." he shrugged.

A huge grin appeared on my face and I held his hand, "Thank you!" I squealed.

That was actual happiness.

"As soon as I finish, we could hit the road," he took another bite real quick.

"I can't wait," I suppressed an evil laugh.

I sat back and waited until he finished his salad. My journey with him had just been of a few days and I was already tired of how boring he was. All he did was text, sometimes call, bring me to restaurants, and have dinner with me.

I get why Emma hates him so much.

Once he was done with his salad, he paid the bill and we set off. It was a silent ride and every second felt like hours. As usual, I was recording everything and the location on my phone was turned on. In case something happened, Archer made me wear the necklace with the tracking device and we were all good.

We planned all of this so carefully. I was supposed to spend the night at his house today, so I could find his passwords, which I needed for the biometric lock that prevented me from laying my hands on those precious diamonds.

"We're almost there," he said as he took a left turn.

I realized we were now driving down Winchester street, so we really were almost there. He drove for a few seconds and then finally took a last right turn. As soon as I set my eyes on his house, my jaw dropped open.

What the actual fuck.

The house looked like a cut out from Architects Today magazine. It was amazingly beautiful, but not in the olde-worlde quaint kind of way I was usually drawn to. Everything was geometric, which I guess you could say about almost any pitched roof abode with square windows, but on this house you couldn't help but notice it. The roof was flat for a start and the door as wide as it was tall. The windows took up entire walls with only polished steel beams to break them into yet more rectangles. The look would have been entirely metallic, like a mini down-town skyscraper had it not been for the cedar beams of the external porch and the matching raised plant beds that contained only white blooms.

I gaped at the two story house as I got out of the car and closed the door, still rather shocked. This is all the money my father earned with all his hard work. The house my father deserved.

I looked at him and he just looked at me with a sly smile on his face. I was doing everything I could to keep myself from jumping on him and punching his face until he bleeds to death.

We walked towards the house and he threw his arm over my shoulders. "This is my house."

"It's beautiful!" I gasped and he nodded in return.

We entered the house after he unlocked his door and I was even more shocked to see all the expensive furniture placed around the living room. Sofas, a huge flat screen, a huge carpet in the middle, an expensive painting hanging on the wall, and let's not forget the huge chandelier right above my head.

"Do you like it?" his heavy voice rung through my ears rather late.

I nodded as I constantly looked around, "This is amazing."

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around, looking at him, "There's still a lot I have to show you. Come on."

He lead me to his well decorated kitchen with every requirement for a kitchen. It had a black and white color to it that only made it seem more luxurious.

The rooms were all master bedrooms, well decorated, well furnished. I loved the house so much, that I started feeling bad about having to get rid of it. This was going to be Emma's anyways.

We finally reached his bedroom and I was shocked at how similar it was to mine. The only differences were the color combination and the huge glass window that took the place of his wall.

By the time we finished looking around, it was already eight o'clock and I was feeling exhausted. We went to his room where I sat on the bed and he was lying down with his head on my lap. I couldn't even describe how much I hated all of this, but if I wanted my revenge, I had to put up with all of this.

As soon as the clock hit 9:30, it was time to start the plan.

"Uhm, Will," I called and he hummed in return, looking up at me. "Don't you have any family besides your child?"

A sad expression appeared on my face, "I do..." he said and I placed my phone closer to him so it could record everything clearly. "He lives here in Hemmington."

"Really?" I ran a hand through his hair. "What is his name?"

"He's my brother. Kace Trinton. I haven't seen him in a while," he shrugged as if he didn't care.

"Hmm," I nodded. "I'm going to the kitchen to get something to drink, if you don't mind."

"Of course I don't," he laughed.

"Thanks," I faked a smile as I got off the bed after he sat up, "Do you want something?"

"Yes, water please," he walked over to his closet.

I grinned and walked out of the room.


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