Chapter Seven- Asher

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I groaned as I opened my eyes, groaning due to the piercing headache I was suffering from. Perhaps getting wasted was in fact a bad idea. I covered my eyes, trying to shield my eyes from the vicious rays of sunlight that were trying to lighten up my dark soul.

I chuckled. I am still thinking like a drunk person. I sat at the edge of the bed and inhaled sharply. My feet hit the floor and I held onto my head as I groaned once again. Yes, drinking was a bad idea.

What even happened last night? I looked at the bed again, realizing that thank God I didn't sleep with anyone. What I also realized, was that I wasn't in my own bed. I looked around, frowning as to where I was. I had never been here before. I didn't really know where I was.

Did I actually sleep with someone?

I was still wearing my clothes, so probably not. I got out of bed and had to remain frozen for a few seconds since the entire room started spinning. Finally when it was over, I walked out of the room and saw that I was in what seemed like a mansion.

Great, another place to get lost in. Like my house wasn't good enough.

I looked to my right and saw a dead end. I looked to my left and noticed the stairs. Sighing, I walked to the stairs, wondering how I would make it down the stairs without managing to break my neck.

Then I remembered. My phone. I felt my pockets and groaned in frustration when I couldn't feel my phone in them. Did I really just lose my phone? How fucking drunk was I?

I held onto the handrail securely and prayed for the best. Dear Lord, help me not break my neck. I breathed out, everything spinning in front of me. I slowly walked down each step, holding onto the handrail.

I breathed out in relief when I reached the floor. I stood silent for about three seconds, trying to hear any sound. I finally heard something falling on the floor and I wasted no time in following the sound. The sound led to the kitchen and I frowned when I saw Asher in front of a stove.

"Asher," I breathed out, making him turn around.

He smiled brightly. "You're up!" he ran over to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, confusing me even more. "How you feeling?"

"What the actual fuck was that?" I looked at him in pure and utter confusion.

Asher frowned. "You don't remember anything, do you?"

"Remember what?" my eyes grew wide. Asher shot me a sad smile. "I don't remember what, Asher?"

"What happened between us last night," I felt my heart beat faster.

"What happened between us?" I blinked.

"A-after the party, I brought you home with me, because you were drunk. I didn't think going home would be a good idea, so I brought you to mine. Y-you went to take a shower and when you got out... Y-you pushed me on the bed a-and you..." he stopped mid-sentence.

"What did I do...?" I asked, balling my hands into fists.

"You dropped your towel and you walked over to me just like that, completely naked," Asher took a step closer to me and cupped my cheeks. "You reached for my belt," he said as his face got closer to mine. "And then removed my clothes," his face got so close he was resting it on my cheek, "And we banged all night long until you threw up on my dick," he said and my eyes grew wide.

What the fuck?

Asher stepped away from me and started laughing so hard, he nearly fell on the floor. He held his stomach as he laughed and I gasped when I realized what he did.

"Asher!" I growled and started hitting him as hard as I could. "I can't believe I believed you!"

He tried to stop me, but his laughter was weakening him and that made me laugh. I stopped hitting him and just pushed him, making him fall to the floor.

"You're such a little bitch, Asher." I said suppressing a chuckle.

"Oh God, if only my eyes could take snapshots. Oh, your face would be hanging on my wall!" Asher laughed as he got up.

I sat on the bar stools he had and shook my head. "Can you imagine how embarrassing throwing up on someone's dick would be?"

"Bitch, if that would have happened you'd be outside my house," Asher joked.

I grinned. "Anyway," I said, getting a bit more serious. "What happened last night? And have you seen my phone?"

Asher nodded and walked over to the counter where my phone was. I didn't even see it. He took my phone and handed it over to me. I went to my contacts list and started looking for my Dad's number.

"We found you outside the house," Asher said and I hummed. I knew that wasn't everything. "Well, you weren't alone," Asher sighed. "You were outside stargazing with Archer,"

I froze. Did I just hear him right? I looked up at Asher and he pursed his lips and nodded. "You're serious?"

"Dead serious." he blinked. "Your head was on his lap. You were both drunk and you guys were fucking naming the stars. Henry, Josh, Perywinkle, fucking Twinky, and last but definitely not the least, Hakka," Asher laughed.

"You really are serious." I frowned. "Who the fuck even names a star Hakka!?" I facepalmed myself. "Does Archer remember any of this?"

"No, he doesn't," Asher said and I breathed out in relief as he placed a glass of water and an Advil in front of me. "And it's best if he doesn't, because that bitch is just little Mr. Grumpy when he's sober."

I was just happy that neither of us remembered any of that. I didn't want to have any kind of relations with Archer and friendship is far from what I want from him. I wouldn't even mind if some serial killer appeared out of nowhere and started pulling his organs out while he was still alive.

Wow, Tris. Way to go with your dark thoughts.

I continued looking for my Dad's number and immediately called when I finally did find his number. His phone rang a few times before he picked up.

"You better not be returning home pregnant," he said as soon as he picked up.

"Well, good morning to you too, father. Aren't you a little ray of beautiful and positive sunshine," I said sarcastically. "I'm fine, by the way. I didn't get myself killed." I said a little proudly.

"Well, that's bad news. I was already planning your funeral," a chuckle left his mouth. "Where are you? I'll send your brother to pick you up."

I told him the address we hung after saying our laters. I took in the Advil and drank all the water.

"My brother's coming to pick me up," I breathed out.

"Oh, okay." Asher smiled. "I suppose you have breakfast first."

I nodded and waited for Asher to finish his cooking. As I waited, the thought of Archer refused to leave my mind. Did we really stargaze? What happened to all the hatred we had for each other?

Will everything be the same when we randomly remember even a small moment we had together?



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