Chapter Thirty-One- The Hate-Zone

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The amount of times I washed my face, particularly my lips, was utterly ridiculous. His lips on mine was literally the last thing I ever wanted. Even if he was the only person alive and kissed my dead body, I would wake up from the dead, only to chop his lips off with a katana.

I hate him that much.

Dad didn't say anything. He just looked at me as I stared out the window. I told Will that I was going to take the taxi home, but obviously called Dad. He pretended to be a taxi driver and we were now on our way home.

I heard him clear his throat, but I didn't look at him, “How are you going to tell Archer?”

I finally turned my head to his direction, “I don't have to tell him. He already knows.”

“So, how was your date?” Archer asked as I closed my bedroom door

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“So, how was your date?” Archer asked as I closed my bedroom door.

I sighed, “Archer...”

I didn't know what to even say. I should have known that he'd be mad. Instead of saying anything, I walked to the bathroom and closed the door, leaving him there. We were both silent. I guess it was just me being a coward and not being able to face him after what happened with Will.

And the eighty million.

“If you need me I'm with Jake. Bye,” his voice was flat and emotionless.

I felt my heart clench and I quickly opened the bathroom door and stopped him before he could walk out of the room. He stood there, with his back facing me, refusing to turn around. Even I was silent for a few seconds.

“I'm sorry...” I breathed out, “I should have told you...”

“No shit, Tris!” his voice raised as he turned around and glared at me, “You fucking lied to me!”

“I didn't lie! I just hid the truth,” I looked down at the floor.

“Then I suppose you don't need me. What's the point in helping you if you don't even tell me everything? I'm leaving,” he said before opening the bedroom door.

“He stole my Dad's money,” I said, making him stop again. He turned around and frowned, “My Dad was a COO and he was rich... Very rich. Will somehow hacked into my father's bank account and took my Dad's money. He even managed to get my Dad's signature on the property papers, taking over everything. He's now living in luxury, not even caring about the amazing family he destroyed.”

“Why did you call his ex-wife to meet you?” Archer stepped closer to me after closing the door again.

I took a deep breath, “I don't just want to kill him. I want to snatch away everything he loves. What else does he love more than his money?”

Archer's eyebrows raised, indicating that he was impressed, “Sounds like a good plan, but what if she ends up betraying you?”

“Well, if she betrays me, she dies,” I shrugged.

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