Chapter Twenty-Four- The Return

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“Jake!” I screeched happily as I ran over to him, jumping in his arms.

“You annoying bitch!” he laughed as he hugged me back as tight as I did.

I breathed out in relief, feeling amazing to be back home. Even if we hated each other more than we loved each other, we still couldn't really live without each other.

“I actually missed your stupid ass,” I laughed, making him pinch my side.

I hissed in pain, immediately pulling away from him, my glare not leaving his face, but he just laughed it off and gave my head a light pat.

“I missed your ugly ass too,” he ruffled my hair and together we walked to the kitchen, “How did it go?” he asked, opening the fridge.

“Oh nothing, just found my worst enemy, no big deal,” I said sarcastically.

Jake turned around and looked at me, “You didn't do anything?”

“I'm still in the middle of seducing him,” I said and he nodded, “He called earlier today and invited me to his house.”

“When?” Jake asked.

I exhaled exhaustively, “The day after tomorrow. Overmorrow,” I chuckled at the word.

“Look,” he took out a pizza box and closed the fridge, “Be careful. He's dangerous.”

I placed my hand on his and gave it a light squeeze, “Don't worry about me, Jake. Worry about him.”

Jake scoffed, “Bitch, I'm not worrying about him. I'm simply just pitying him. What exactly are you going to do to that son of a bitch?”

“Well, he told me that his wife divorced him and he's all alone. So, finally I'll find out where he lives and finally kill him exactly how he killed my family,” I said bitterly, clenching my jaw.

“Sounds good, but how exactly will all of this take place? So, you'll seduce him, then what?”

Before I could answer him, the sound of footsteps made me turn around, only to spot my parents standing there with a huge grin on their faces.

“Oh, would you look at that,” Dad spread his arms for me to hug him, “The demon child has arrived!”

I beamed as I jumped into his arms, “Hello, demon.” I grinned.

I hugged Mom tightly afterwards and we had the same conversation. They asked me how everything went, what I did, if I ended up pregnant (of course that was Dad's question), etcetera, etcetera. I looked up at the clock in the kitchen and signed at the time. It was 10:00 PM already and I was exhausted from the entire ride. Mom and Dad went to the living room to watch some TV, while Jake and I sat in the kitchen.

“Don't you think you should tell them?” Jake took a bite of his pizza, handing me over a slice.

I took the pizza and shrugged defeated, “What if they stop me?” I asked and Jake frowned.

“Your Dad was my Dad's best friend. Remember all those adventures we had together?” he asked and I nodded, “Well, Dad won't say no, believe me.”

“What are you supposed to tell me?” I heard a sudden voice and my eyes grew wide.

“D-Dad... Nothing, really,” I lied, turning around with an awkward smile on my hideous face.

He shot me a blunt look and stepped closer to me, “Anyone tell you that you're the worst liar on this planet? You're worse than Mrs. Woosh,” he referred to our previous neighbour. 

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