Chapter One- Moving In

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"Do you have all your boxes in your room already?" Mom asked as I carried my last box to my new room.

I smiled at her, "This is the last one, Mom." I said and she nodded on return.

I climbed upstairs and walked to my new given room. Moving around was now a normal thing for us, since my father had to handle his business and couldn't live without us. We had shifted into three new houses in three new towns and this was now our fourth one. To be honest, I actually liked moving out. Sure I felt sad leaving the friends I made behind, but moving into a new town seemed like a whole new adventure.

Of course before moving out, my father asked my brother and I if we wanted to. My brother and I never really had any problem moving out. We just loved going into new towns and getting to know new people. I felt sad for leaving Benny behind, but I really had no other choice. My Dad had to move out, otherwise he'd be gone for longer than six months. We don't think we'd be able to live without him for that long.

"Tris!" my brother ran into my room. I looked at him with a frown on my face. What got him so excited? I placed the box on the floor next to the others outside my room.

"What's wrong with you?" I raised my eyebrow at him and he face-palmed himself.

"Dude, have you seen the room? The bathroom? The closet?" he asked and I shook my head.

I didn't even look around my room yet. I entered my room, and was dumbstruck. It looked amazing. It was a combination of red and black. I had a huge bed in the middle of the room and my desk was on the left side against my wall. There were also black sofas and a flatscreen television.

There were two doors. One on the left side and one on the right side. I opened the door on the left side first and my jaw hung open when I realized that this huge room was my new closet. There were clothes and shoes all over the place. I walked in and gaped in awe. I never had such a luxurious life before.

I heard footsteps behind me and I turned around only to see my brother. "Damn." he muttered under his breath.

I actually agreed with him. This was the biggest house Dad had ever bought. In my eyes it looked more like a mansion. Dad told us that the reason he bought such a big house was because it was the last time we were ever going to move out. I looked around the room again.

"Dude, this is sick!" I chuckled in amazement.

I realized that all the clothes and shoes in the closet were my taste in the colors black, purple, dark blue, and green in every shade.

I returned to my room with my brother following me. I opened the right door and realized this was my own bathroom. I looked at my brother and he grinned widely at me. It was the most luxurious bathroom I had ever seen in my life. There was a Jacuzzi and even a shower to the right of it. There was a huge red carpet on the floor and the color combination of the room was black and white. Everything in here was so luxurious.

I heard my brother clear his throat, making me look at him. "I had no idea the house would be this huge, man."

I frowned. "I'm still wondering where Dad got the money from."

He shrugged. "You know how hardworking our old man is. He probably saved up." he turned around to walk away, but looked at me before walking out of my room. "My room is right next to yours, by the way." he grinned evilly, making me glare at him.

"Whatever." I said before we burst out laughing.

Jake and I were always so close. Sure, we fought most of the times, but we did have days where we would just hug and talk for hours. The point was that everyone in this house cared for each other and we couldn't care less about what others thought.

"Dude, I even heard that there's a gaming room." he said as we walked out of the room.

I stopped. Jake and I were crazy about videogames. We could literally spend days playing videogames without even getting up. It did make Mom angry, but it was nothing cooking couldn't fix.

We walked downstairs and I looked around. "Uh, Jake, where are they?"

He looked around as he said, "I don't know. Shit, I'm going to get lost in this house."

I chuckled. He wasn't wrong. The house was huge.

"Tris! Jake!" I heard my Dad's voice, making us turn around, only to see Dad grinning widely at us.

"Dad!" I ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

I heard Jake his footsteps behind me as I pulled away from Dad.

"Hi, Dad." Jake and Dad fist bumped as Jake threw his arm over my shoulder.

"You kids like the house?" Dad asked with a huge grin on his face.

"We love it!" I smiled brightly as Mom joined us. "But, how?"

Mom smiled. "We have been saving up for years to get a house like this."

"Damn," Jake breathed out. "Years is a long time."

Jake and I knew how hard Dad worked to get us this far and we couldn't be more thankful. This was all because of his hard work.
Jake wasn't really a hugging kind of person, but he removed his arm from my shoulder and gave my parents a hug. Dad chuckled and gave him a pat on the back. "You guys go explore the house now."

"Will do." Jake said and grabbed my arm. "Let's go find that damn gaming room."

After what seemed like ten minutes, we finally managed to find the gaming room.

"Dude! Just look at all of this!" Jake squealed like a girl as he looked around.

Even I felt as if I was going crazy. How long was Dad even planning all of this? There was a huge flatscreen against the wall, two huge sofas, and a black carpet covering the entire floor.

"Damn," I breathed out. "This is awesome."

Jake looked at me. "Dude, I am not leaving this place, ever!" Jake said and I chuckled.

"I'm not planning to leave either." I grinned widely.

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