Chapter Four- A New Side

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"You know him?" Aria frowned as she pointed at the guy.

I nodded and stood up. My arms crossed over my chest as a smirk played on my lips. I gave him a look before asking, "What are you doing here, Christian?"

Christian gulped before lowering his gaze. "My Mom sent me here."

I felt anger building up inside me. "She has the nerve. Do I need to show up with a baseball bat again?" my jaw clenched and unclenched.

"Baseball bat?" Blake his eyes grew wide.

"Yes," Christian looked at Blake. "You heard that right. She appeared at my house a year ago with a baseball bat and beat the shit out of my mother."

Everyone looked at me with shock plastered onto their faces. I raised my eyebrow at them. "What? You didn't expect me to be innocent now, did you?"

"Why did you even do that?" Aria asked as if I were stupid.

I shot her a dull look. "Because, she dared hitting dear Christian over here." I said and patted Christian on the shoulder.

Christian and I went to the same school in my previous town. We also sat in the same class and we became really close friends since we had to work on a project together. There I heard that his Mom had a rare genetic disease, which only frustrated her and she took all of it out on him. They also had financial issues which only worsened everything. Christian never said anything and didn't do anything about it, thinking that she would just come to her senses one day and stop. But of course, I knew that people like her don't learn things the easy way, so I appeared at their house and beat up his mother. I never really heard anything about her treating Christian badly.

Christian rolled his eyes. "The only good thing you ever did."

I scoffed. "No, I've done other good things!" I defended myself.

"Such as?" Christian raised his eyebrows at me.

I stared at him for a few seconds. "I have..." I bit my lip, thinking of something. "Okay, I haven't," I finally gave up.

"Smashing the principal's car windows, jumping over fences," Christian started.

"Okay, okay—"

"Shaving Ciara's hair off, burning your ex-boyfriend's clothes, getting into fights—"

"Okay, that's enough." I slapped my hand over his mouth, cutting him off. "Fuck off."

Christian rolled his eyes and walked away with a scoff escaping his mouth. I turned around as everyone besides Archer looked at me, wearing a shocked expression.

"You sound like a female version of Archer." Aria finally said and and pointed towards Archer.

"Don't compare me to," Archer gave me a look of despise. "That."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Listen here, pretty boy, I don't give a fuck."

"Did you really burn your ex-boyfriend's clothes?" Asher asked with a slight frown on his face.

"Yes, I did. He cheated on me with Ciara, so I burned his clothes and shaved Ciara's hair off in her sleep." I grinned innocently.

"That's fucking messed up, but still awesome at the same time." Cody laughed.

"Am I the only one wondering who Ciara is?" Asher frowned adorably.

I ruffled his hair and sat down next to him. "She's my cousin."

"You're kidding me!" Blake raised his eyebrows at me.

"You look so innocent. And the way you act is just— this is impossible!" Aria shook her head in disbelief.

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