Chapter Eight- Accident

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I rolled my eyes as a scream left my Mom's mouth. She covered her face with a pillow and avoided looking at the television screen. Dad chuckled and threw his arm over her shoulder.

"Imagine someone tearing your limbs apart like that," Jake said as he took a handful of popcorn and shoved it up his mouth, making a majority of it just fall down on the couch.

What a pig, but that's me anyways, I thought as I did the same.

"That would be something, but then again, you'll never see me going into an abandoned house or hotel right in the goddamn middle of a freaking forest," I rolled my eyes.

"Bitch, please," Dad rolled his eyes at me. "We all know you're dying to see the abandoned castle here, so you shut up,"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You're such a lovely father." I said sarcastically and he grinned widely at me.

I shook my head at him and continued eating popcorn like a pig. These were one of the lucky days where Dad was actually home for an entire day and we got to spend enough time with him. We had a nice time outside in the pool, we then had a nice dinner, and now we were watching Wrong Turn 6 while my mother continued hiding her face.

I just hope she doesn't throw up.

My nose scrunched in disgust as the image of my mother puking on my Dad appeared in my head. How could I even think of that? It made me think of this one video I once saw of this girl puking in her boyfriend's mouth. I shivered in disgust and Jake shot me a weird look.

"Hey, Dad," Jake watched me with wide eyes as he called Dad. Dad turned his head towards him and nodded his head, asking what he wanted. "I think we need a priest. Tris is possessed." he watched me carefully.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "No, Jake," Dad said and raised his eyebrows. "Her face is just always this scary," Dad smiled innocently.

Jake howled in laughter. "Shit, burn!"

I glared at Dad and he just shot me an innocent look. A sudden scream in the movie made my mother scream and hide her face once again. Okay, that startled me too for a second.

Maybe watching a horror movie was a bad idea.

I shoved more popcorn in my mouth and sighed. Suddenly my phone vibrated on my thigh and I turned it on, immediately noticing Aria's message. My heart started beating a million times faster and my eyes grew wide. I quickly sat up, carefully reading the message over and over again.

Blake has gotten into a car accident and I have no one else besides the guys and you. Please, please meet me at the hospital -Aria.

"You good?" I heard Jake's voice.

I didn't answer him and instead, immediately texted back Aria, asking how bad it was. Within ten minutes, she replied.

The car flipped over and he has several cuts. He also broke his arm. The doctors are trying to keep him from going into a coma - Aria

My eyes grew wide. "Okay, what happened to you?" I looked up and saw everyone wearing worried expressions.

My Mom no longer cared about the horror movie and my Dad's hand was on my shoulder. I looked at Jake.

"Can you give me a ride to the hospital?" I asked hastily.

"What happened, honey?" Mom asked, getting even more worried at the mention of a hospital.

"A friend got into a car accident," I managed to say in a shaky voice.

"Yeah, come on," Jake said and we both rushed outside after taking his car keys.

Jake unlocked his car and we quickly hopped in. I was actually getting extremely worried about Blake. Worried to the point where my eye started twitching. Jake looked over at me and he reached onto the small bag he placed in his car. I knew what was coming.

He took out the small bottle with pills in it and threw the bottle of water he bought this morning. "We're not risking anything. You are not having a panic attack,"

"Thank you, Jake." I said and popped the medicine in my mouth, following with huge gulps of water.

I am that anxious.

What if something happens to Blake? We just became friends and the group and I were pretty close already. How did Blake even manage to get in such a drastic car accident?

I shook my leg in attempt to calm down. We finally reached the hospital after what seemed like ages and I wasted no time in running over to the nurse behind the desk. I panted as she looked at me over her glasses. Who even wears glasses like that, seriously?

"Blake Denver?" I asked.

"Second floor, room 210," she said and I nodded.

I ran to the elevator with Jake hot on my heels. We pushed the button for the second floor and impatiently waited. Once the ding sound was heard, we ran out of the elevator and I scanned the area, looking for Aria. I breathed out in relief when I noticed her and Asher. Asher was just holding onto her as she cried.

I ran over to her and Asher shot me a sad smile, which I returned. I placed my hand on Aria's shoulder and she turned around. As soon as she noticed me, she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tightly and started sobbing on my shoulder. I rubbed her back comfortingly and held tightly onto her.

"He's going to be fine, Aria. Please, don't tire yourself," I said in a soft voice.

Aria's arms tightened around me. "What if something happens to him?" she sniffed. "What am I supposed to do if something happens to him?"

Seeing Aria like this tore my heart apart. I sat on the chair next to her and she pulled away. I cupped her cheeks and wiped the tears off her face.

"Blake is going to make it. Besides, his arm broke, which means we can beat him the fuck up when he wakes up," I said and Aria chuckled, nodding in agreement.

"I don't even know how he got himself into this." She breathed out.

"Wait, how did you know about all of this?" I frowned.

"He has me as emergency contact, so the doctors called me," she sniffed once again.

I nodded in understanding. I smiled at her and placed my hand on her shoulder. Blake was going to make it. He was strong enough to get through this.

I just knew he was.





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