Chapter Thirty-Two- Like An Angel

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Okay, so I planned to make this the last chapter of the story, but I did manage to get a few more ideas, so this might get a few more chapters ❤


I reached Blake's house and was about to knock when the door suddenly opened, revealing a grinning Blake. I raised my eyebrow at him, but the grin never left his face. Instead, he held onto my wrist and dragged me inside where everyone was sitting.

“So, apparently I'm late,” I said.

Even Archer was there before me. They just shrugged and so did I. I trotted my way over to them and sat down next to Cody.

“So, what's today's plan?” I asked, looking around.

“First we thought of getting some food, but then we got lazy, so now we're still planning,” Cody shot me a weird look.

Is this guy high or something?

“Okay then...” I said awkwardly.

I leaned back, releasing a heavy sigh. My mind suddenly started wondering and I kept thinking about everything that could go wrong. I had no idea how I was going to end up in his house. I tried thinking of many ways, but I couldn't really find a solid reason to get myself in his house.

We planned to meet up tomorrow and I had not the slightest idea where he was going to take me this time. Judging from the messages he sent me, I had a feeling that maybe he's going to take me to the movies. He kept asking me my favorite movie, made me pick one out of two; he was being weird.

I was pulled out of my train of thoughts by the loud sound of my notifications. I checked my phone and frowned when I saw Emma's name on my screen. I checked her message and sat up again.

I have all the information. Meet me at the national library- Emma.

I screenshot the message and sent it to Archer and Jake. I then replied to her text and looked at Archer who was typing something on his phone —probably texting Jake.

“Hey!” I heard Asher's voice, “How about the fair?” his eyes glistened in excitement.

I licked my lips, feeling guilty, “You guys go, I have to go to the library with Jake to help him out with some books for his oral exams,” I said and Asher pouted.

I wish I could go with you guys.

“Then we could go tomorrow,” Blake suggested enthusiastically.

I felt a pang in my heart, “I can't tomorrow...”

“I can't either,” I heard Archer say and I just watched the sadness wash over Asher.

“Can't you guys make time?” Aria frowned sadly.

“Tomorrow's the last day for the fair too...” Asher looked as if he was about to cry, “And I wanted all of us to go...”

I walked over to Asher and rested my hand on his shoulder, “I'm so sorry, Asher. I won't be able to make it,” I breathed out.

Asher looked down at his hands, wearing a sad expression, “It's alright. We'll go to the fair next year.”

I checked my watch, realizing that it was 16:51. I ruffled Asher's hair, “Guys, be ready by eight. I'll try to finish all my work as soon as I can. We're going to the fair.”

Asher's face lit up and everyone started cheering, except for Archer of course. Asher pulled me into a tight bear hug, whispering a ‘thank you’. I patted his back and smiled happily.

You're very welcome, Asher.

I hastily looked around the library, trying to spot Emma

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I hastily looked around the library, trying to spot Emma. It was already 17:15 and I couldn't let the group down. Archer came along with me, but we acted as if we didn't know each other and I was of course recording everything.

My gaze fell on a waving hand and I noticed Emma sitting at the far end of the library. I sprinted towards her and sat down panting. She was wearing a brown dress that reached her knees and her blonde hair was tied in a messy bun. Her make up was done perfectly and her green orbs were what stood out the most.

“What do you have on you?” I asked, getting straight to business.

She reached to her bag and took out some folded papers. Once unfolded, I realized that they were blueprints. The library was silent and all we could do was whisper.

“These are the blueprints,” she looked at the piece of paper and pointed at the last square at the bottom of the paper, “This is his basement, looks quite normal and extremely luxurious, but once there, you will notice this huge plant in the left corner. Listen to me carefully, okay?” she nodded and I nodded back. “Okay, move the plant and you'll notice that the tile it's on is not cemented to the floor. Actually the four tiles in that corner are loose. So get those off and you'll see some kind of a trapdoor. You'll go down and you reach his underground vault. That's where he keeps the diamonds. He uses a biometric lock system, which means that he has a code and uses his fingerprint to unlock this safe. But since the diamonds are worth twenty million and is taken for safekeeping for the mafia, the diamonds are kept in another glass safe within the safe.”

“Do you have the codes?” I asked and she shook her head, sulking.

“Unfortunately, no, but he does keep all his passwords in the office in his house, which is located at the end of the left wing,” she pointed at the square that represents Will's office, “But that one opens with a card, that he usually keeps in the drawer of the closet in his room.”

I bit my bottom lip, thinking, “Anything else?”

She nodded, “He has cameras all over the place. Every hallway, every room, every corner, every nook. Some are seen, but most of them are hidden. You'll have to be really careful,” she looked up at me, “Luckily he's stupid enough not to have guards, but I heard that the Mafia's men check up on the diamonds every once in a while.”

“Do you know the password to his bank account?” I asked and she frowned, shaking her head.

“No, he never told me. He really just gave me what I needed and that was it. I'm a hundred percent sure that it must be in his office.” she hummed.

“Where in his office, exactly?” I questioned further, folding the paper and stuffing it in my back pocket.

“He never let me in his office, either. I can't give you much information on that,” she said with a grim expression.

My arms crossed over my chest and I nodded, “Okay then. I'll give you the details of the plan once I find out everything I need to know. Until then, keep looking out for anything new. The papers will be ready in a few days, so be prepared to face him soon.” I said as I got up.

She nodded and I turned around to walk away, but she stopped me. I looked at her, waiting for her to talk.

“I don't know why you're doing this,” she finally spoke, “but thank you so much. You're like the Angel who came to make my life better. Thank you so much.”

A friendly smile spread across my face, “You're welcome.” I said and walked off.

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