Chapter Thirty-Three- Eighty Million Dollars

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“Whoa...” Jake breathed out as I told him, Archer, and Dad everything Emma told me.

I wasn't surprised that they were surprised. Even I was stunned when I heard about all the security he has to keep the diamonds safe.

“The cameras are the part I'm mostly concerned about,” Jake sighed, “You could easily take care of the fingerprint, but with all those cameras, you'll be caught in seconds.”

“These diamonds do belong to the Mafia, so I'm positive that they see what the cameras capture,” Archer added.

“The best way to get revenge is to make it seem as if Will stole those diamonds,” Dad finally spoke after a while, “If we manage to make them believe that he stole those diamonds, they'll kill him.”

I licked my lips, nodding my head, “That sounds good, but how would we even convince them?”

“I can take care of the cameras that are wireless,” Jake grinned. “I think that the Mafia would be smart enough to use hidden cameras that run with batteries. So, I think they film, but take the tapes at the end of the day.”

“But what if not all hidden cameras are like that?” I questioned further.

Jake shrugged, “Then it's all just according to the plan. You know what to do, Archer knows what to do, Dad knows what to do, and so do Emma and Mom.”

“We shouldn't over think this,” Archer spoke, “We need to be confident about this. We'll make it.”

“It's a good plan,” Dad stated, “We just need to be careful and three steps ahead of them.”

“Yeah, you're right.” I breathed out sharply. “Time to start the plan.”

My eyelids started feeling heavy as I leaned my head against the window

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My eyelids started feeling heavy as I leaned my head against the window. We were just returning home from the fair and we honestly had the best time of our lives. For a second it felt as if all the worries I had were drained out and all I had was the amazing feeling of love and friendship.

We won stuffed animals, we visited The Haunted House, we went on the ferris wheel and the rollercoaster and we had so much fun with just the five of us. I wish time would freeze and nothing would have ever happened to scar my childhood.

Slowly my eyes closed and I was soon surrounded by darkness.

I yawned loudly as I sat up, only to be pushed back to the bed by an arm that was wrapped around my waist securely

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I yawned loudly as I sat up, only to be pushed back to the bed by an arm that was wrapped around my waist securely. I turned my head and rolled my eyes when I saw Archer sleeping next to me. I bit my bottom lip to suppress a giggle as I held onto the hairs of his forearm, pulling them.

Archer released an annoyed groan and instead of waking up, his hand moved and rested on my right breast. I suddenly felt tingly all over, wondering if I should remove his hand or not. I finally decided to just get his hand off my boob and then kick him off the bed, but before I could, his eyes fluttered open and he grinned at me, which I returned sarcastically.

“Mr. Archer, what are you doing in my room on my bed with your hand on my fucking boob?” I chirped, making his gaze automatically move to his hand on my boob.

I raised my eyebrow and after about three seconds he looked at me straight in the eye and squeezed my boob lightly. I gasped and kicked his leg, but he just laughed and let go of me.

“Rapist,” I taunted and he looked at me.

He suddenly sat up and climbed on top of me, resting his weight on his knees and holding my hands above my head. My heartbeats increased as his face came closer to mine.

“I could show you what raping is, but I'm afraid it would be so good, it wouldn't be considered raping anymore,” he looked down at me with a smirk on his face.

I was about to answer him when my phone started ringing. Archer let go of me and I quickly picked up.

“Where are you?” Emma breathed out.

My eyes grew wide in realization, “I'll be right there with the papers! Just give me ten minutes!” I rushed through the room.

I looked at my bathroom and decided that just brushing my teeth would be better than taking a shower and being late. I quickly brushed my teeth as Archer went to Jake to get the papers I was supposed to give Emma today.

Once done, I quickly changed my clothes to a plain black tank top along with black jeans. I tied my hair in a bun and ran out of the room after wearing my shoes. Jake and Archer were already downstairs waiting for me. Jake handed me the papers and Asher and I dashed out after saying goodbye.

I texted Emma that I was on my way as Archer drove me to the coffee shop. Once we reached it, I started recording before entering the coffee shop. I did everything in such a rush, that now I was sweating like crazy. I was just grateful that the shop was air-conditioned.

The coffee shop was somewhat empty, except for a couple that was sitting in the corner and Emma, who was looking at her phone screen and didn't notice me walking up to her.

She jumped a little when I moved the chair and sat down. Her green eyes connected with mine and she smiled faintly.

“I'm so sorry for being late,” I took a deep breath, “I kind of lost track of time.”

She nodded at me as she leaned back, “So, why did you want to meet up?” she asked.

I crossed my legs and wiped the sweat off my face with one of the napkins on the table, “I needed to give you,” I spoke as I took out the papers from my pocket and gave it to her, “this.”

With a frown on her face, she unfolded the papers and took a look at it. Her eyes grew wide once she realized what she was holding in her hands, “Holy fuck!” she gasped and looked up at me, “How did you get this?”

A satisfied smile crept onto my face, “Like I said, I have my people.”

“Oh my God!” she looked back at the papers, still as shocked, “This is amazing. How could I ever thank you enough?” she hugged the papers.

“I have a ‘date’ with Will tonight. I'll make sure to get into his house. All you have to do is wait for my missed call and you sprint your way over to his house. You know what to do further,” I nodded at her and she nodded back. “If everything goes according to the plan, you and your child will be enjoying your life as millionaires.”

Her grin grew wider and happier, “And so will you.”

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