Chapter 18

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Alex eventually calmed down

I decided not to talk to her about sneaking out quite yet

She has been through a lot

"Ok Maddie and Alex we are going to the recording studio and we will be back in about 3 or 4 hours"

"Ok have fun" they replied


"Ok what do you wan to do first"

"Tell me everything about your date with jake!!

Oh ya I forgot that was tonight I thought to myself tonight has been very eventful

I told Maddie everything about the date she just awwwed the whole time I mean I can't blame her he is pretty damn romantic

blasted the radio, danced around, talked and than we went to the kitchen and made like 5 cakes and brownies and all Thai tasty good stuff and jade a romcom ( romantic comedy) marathon while giving eachother makeovers

Perfect girls night

The boys came back around 10:00pm

"Liam I'm booredd can we all go somewhere! like the mall"

"OMG ya!" Maddie and I screamed

"Louis the mall is closed"

"Maybe for other people but don't you think they would
Make a small exception for I don't know the worlds bugged boy band?" he said with a smirk

And with they we headed to the mall just before the stores closed we went to the manager,

"Hey would you be able to stay open a little longer?

"Why would
I do that?"

Louis pulled out a big wad of cash there must have been about 400$

The lady turned around to the PA speaker and spoke into the microphone

"Attention the mall will be remaining open for another two hours please keep all stores open"

"Thank yoouu" Louis said handing her the cash

We shopped like we've never shopped before

Maddie and I practically raided forever 21

At the end we realized we still had about half an hour or so

And Maddie had a awesome idea

"Hey since there's no one else in the mall... how about a little game of manhunt"

"Ya!!" All if us screamed

Harry ended up being it and have us ten seconds

This mall was huge so Maddie and I partnered up

We ran to find a place to hide

We looked up to the floor above us

Harry had gotten Niall and ZAYN Louis running from the three

They were running down the escalator heading our way

Maddie pulled me into a door where there were stairs

We could hear Harry and Niall getting closer so we headed down the stairs we ended up in what seemed like a basement and diseased to hide there until we were the last ones


Harry eventually got everyone but we couldn't seem to find Maddie and Alex we called their names out by no answer we had five minutes to find them

After searching everywhere.. nothing I was getting really worried

The manager told us we all had to leave the mall it was closing time

"No there are still two girls in here"

"No one is in the washrooms sir and all the store clerks have checked their stores. I can assure you there is no one else in this mall besides you"

"No they are defiantly here"

"Sir I'm sorry we have checked everywhere they are not in this mall. now please leave before I need to contact the police"


"Sir I'm not asking you"

We were kicked out leaving Alex and Maddie behind

"What do we do?" I asked

"Well if they are not in the mall we can
go to the police"

"Ok" we all agreed

I'm not getting very much sleep
Tonight I know that for sure

The police told us to just go
Home and they will contact is if they here anything


"It feels like we've been down here forever" Maddie said

"Ya hey what time is it"


"Oh no we were supposed to
Leave 2 minutes ago!"

We ran up the stairs and out the door

It was dark. there were still some lights so you could still see but no one was around

"Hello? Niall? Harry? Louis? Zayn? Liam?" no answer

"C'mon guys this isn't funny"

"Um Maddie... look at This"

She hands me her phone

15 missed calls and 23 texts from the boys

-Where are you??
Many of those

-We are worried all
Of the voice mails and texts were like this until I saw the last one.

-We are going to the police stay put

They're gone and we are alone

"Call them back!"


But before she
Could finish the number her phone screen went black. dead.

"Great. this is just fantastic!" I yelled out

"Um.... Alex you might want to keep your voice down.."


"Because he will probably hear us" she said shaking my pointing a finger in the direction of the food court across the mall

A man all in black standing against a wall just looks at us. staring.

We scream in terror

He disappears into the shadows

We sprint to the family bathroom with has a door on it and locks

We sit on the ground in the dark hyperventilating

"It ok it's locked we're going to be ok we just have to wait until morning"

So there we are trapped In a dark mall

And we are not alone


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