Chapter 17

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Zayn P.O.V

As Alex gets in the car I can tell Niall is more upset than mad

It kind of hurts to see him this sad

The ride home was pretty much silent

When we got home Niall went straight to his room. he's not really the yelling type, so I knew he wouldn't tell at her.

Alex goes into greet Maddie, they start talking while the boys and I go to pick a movie to watch

Ill leave them with their girl talk

That is until u heard Maddie whisper something in utter horror

"Maddie, that man killed my parents"

She stars to tear up

"Maddie oh my god are you ok"

She just collapses into my arms sobbing

Maddie runs to get Niall


Alex sobs into Zayn's chest

So I run to get Niall


I run into the room

He is running his hands through his hair frustrated

"Niall" I say slowly walking towards him

He looks up at me he has sadness all a cross his face


"You need to come quick. it's Alex that's all I have to say before he's running down the stairs as soon as Alex sees him she jumps in his arms

"H-he's there" she says sobbing pointing to the picture on my phone. "That's the man who killed my parents Niall" she said sobbing

"Shhh, princess it's ok. your safe here"

Liam picked up the picture

And whispered to Louis

"He looks very familiar"

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