Chapter 14

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My alarm goes off for 6:30

Ugh I forgot I had to go to school

One more day until the weekend
I get up to go take a shower. my shower lasts about 15 minutes I hop out of the warm water and roll my bright pink hair up in a soft towel I put on a pastel pink lace dress along with my black converse, and put my hair into a side fishtail braid

"Ok I'm off to school" I say passing the kitchen. I see Harry and Liam making pancakes.

"Want any before you leave, love" Harry calls from the kitchen

"No I'm already late thanks though" I'm almost out the door when a sleepy Niall walks down the stairs

"Forgetting something" he says holding his arms out for a hug "have a good day at school princess" as he kisses me on my forehead.

"Bye see you after school"

I walk up onto the school bus and sit in a seat next to Maddie

"So your gonna see jake today" she sys with a grin from ear to ear

"Shut up!" I say playfully punching her arm "but seriously how do I look" she just laughs

"You look great" she says reassuringly

I walk into you first class and take my seat just before the class begins jake comes and sits in the row I front of me he turns around

"Good morning beautiful" he says with a wink. I am blushing uncontrollably

He is so perfect the tan skin, dirty blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I can't stop myself from staring

At the end of the class I go to my locker an there he is waiting

"So when am I going to get that second date"

"I didn't realize that we had a first date?" ok I lied

"Well first date or second date it doesn't matter, how would you feel about to tonight 7:00 ill pick you up"

"Looking forward to it" I say with a smile which causes him to smile

God those dimples are adorable

The bell rings and before we head to our next class he gives me a quick peck on the cheek

"Se you tonight" he says

It sends shivers down my spine

I can't wait for tonight


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