Chapter 20

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All I remember was Maddie and I being shoved into the back of a van and now we are in what seems like an old run down dirty dark motel room

Those guys must have drugged us

Why did this have to happen to me

Why can't I just die. I just want to die right here right now.

I look over to Maddie who still seems to be passed out from the drugs

I start to take in my surroundings.

Maddie and I are both handcuffed to chairs infront of and old dirty queen sized bed. the room is quite small, and that's when I notice a window in the corner

Very small and covered by curtains but Maddie and I are quite small and could easily fit through the window

I hear the door open an two men with black masks on come through the door I quickly close my eyes and drop my head all dangly on my shoulder

I don't know why... to play dead I don't even know by this point to be honest I feel safer when I can't see them and they think I am asleep so they can not harm me

I was wrong I feel a hard slap across my face and I snap my head up

Tears starting in my eyes

I look over to see Maddie jolted awake her cheek also red

"Oh look your awake" a taller man with a black mask on says

Behind him I see another man shorter, almost younger like a son

These men disgust me

"What do you want from us" Maddie cries

"You wanna know what I want? I want you to suffer" he says coldly

"But why" I say choking back tears

"Because your parents made my life a living hell"

"Our parents? our parents new eachother?" Maddie says confused looking at me

"I don't remember anything about my parents" I say back

"Well duh because you were to young" the man replies

He pulls down the mask to reveal his eyes

It's the same cold eyes that were there at my parents death

"You did it! you murdered my parents!"

"And you sweetheart will face the same fait"

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