Chapter 9

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I jolted up as ice cold water froze my body and my blankets.

That was how my morning started

The boys thought it would be fun to wake me up like that. I'm going to kill them.

"What the hell!!!" I screamed in their faces.

"You've got 45 minutes princess" Niall said as he kissed my forehead

I got out of my soaking cold wet bed and into the shower.

I put on my white skinny jeans and a pink baseball tee along with my bright pink converse. and some accessories just for the occasion

I straightened my bright pink hair and put on my makeup

After about half an hour I was almost out the door

"Wait you need breakfast!"

Harry yelled as I saw him making pancakes with Louis

"Sorry don't want to be late" I replied grabbing an apple and I was out the door

I waited at the bus stop

As the bus pulled up to the curb and the doors opened that's when the nerves hit

I walked through the bus when I saw a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes she had blue highlights in her hair

I was about to walk to the back where the empty seats were when I heard a kind voice address me

"You can sit with me"

I looked over to the girl


"Ya I mean if you want to"

"Um sure thanks"

I took the seat beside her

"Hi my name is Maddie"

"I'm Alex"

We talked about our hobbies our families we just talked it was fun to have someone to listen and talk to that is a girl and not 5 man children.

As we pulled into our school Maddie and I exchanged numbers I promised to text her after my first class so we could have lunch together

When I walked into my English class I saw a face in the back. a familiar face that I gave me butterflies just looking at it

It was him.

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