Chapter 22

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I hit my alarm clock making it shut up. I roll over and grab my phone, 6:30 am

What? I didn't set it this early. wtf. that's when 4 rowdy boys piled into my room. where's the fifth one? Harry slowly walled through the door rubbing his eyes

"I'm tired" he complained

"Who cares we need to get ready!" Niall said enthusiastically

"Why where are we going"

"Well I thought you could blow off school today and we would go to an amusement park!

"REALLY?!" I asked excitedly shooting up from me bed

"YEAH! c'mon get ready and meet us downstairs!"

"Ok!" I said pushing all of them out of my room and rushing to my bathroom I had a quick shower And blow dried my pink hair. I put it into a loose side fishtail braid and went to my dresser to pick out an outfit. I chose my black high tops, light washed studded short shorts, and a black and white vans muscle tee

I put on some mascara and a layer of black liquid eyeliner. I didn't need anything else because I didn't have a lot of blemishes

I raced down the stairs to meet the boys in the kitchen.

"Ok let's go!"

"Ok we packed your swim suit because there's a water park there" Louis stated slipping his shoes on and walking out the door to the car.

"Ok Thanks!"

We all piled into the black tinted window van and headed off

Paul obviously driving

The drive took about 45 minutes before we finally got there.

It wasn't busy at all. probably because it was a Monday but there were still some girls there who wanted pictures and autographs

I would've thought the girls would hate me but they were very nice. some of them even wanted pictures with me! all I can say is that it is an amazing fandom

We went on a couple of the easier rides and were about to move onto the more thrilling rides but Harry wanted to ride the teacups again with Liam so the rest of us waited by the cotton candy stand while Niall went to use the bathroom

That's when I saw Jake. We hadn't spoken In awhile I saw him around school but Niall was hesitant about me seeing him

"Jake!" I yelled over at him he was with a couple guys from school

"Hey Alex!" he said waving me over

I looked back at Louis for approval

"Go ahead I won't tell Niall"

"thanks Lou!"

Well this should be interesting I think to myself as I walk over to him


Ok so I hope you guys like this chapter I am actually so sorry I haven't been on lately but I'm back! And I'm going be updating way more daily now! I have so many great ideas for the story and I can't wait for you guys to read them! Love you guys so much and thank you for reading my story!!! It means a lot to me!

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