Chapter 23

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I walk over to jake who is standing by the burger stand

"Hey Alex" he says a but awkwardly giving his friends a look obviously wanting them to shoo

But they give him smirks and stay put. he turns back to me rubbing the back of his neck nervously. he's so cute

"Hey I haven't seen you in awhile" I say

"Yeah well after what happened I wasn't sure your... guardian would want to see me again." he says looking past me over at an angry Niall

"Oh yeah well don't worry he's getting over it" I say laughing a bit

"Ok well that's good because I can't stop thinking about you" I shyly laugh

"Maybe we can go out some time" he says

"Yes! I would love that!" I reply a bit to excited

"Haha ok well I'll text you" he says turning around with a win

They all walk away and I turn around to walk back to the boys. at that point all of them are there watching me

"Alex has got a crush" Harry teases

"Correction! it looks like she has a boyfriend" Louis corrects him

Niall gives him a sharp glare

"Ok well lets get some more rides in!" Liam says clearing the awkward silence

The rest of the day was so fun we went on every ride and Zayn threw up 5 times!

We all hoped in the car after the long day

"Lets go to McDonald's!" Louis says spotting the Golden Arches down the road

"YEAHHH" we all shout in agreement

Paul parks the car and we all jump out and race to the entrance

Harry and I find a seat while the boys go order

"Hey they're gonna be awhile let's go to the play place!" he says enthusiastically

"Haha ok one sec I have to use the bathroom ill meet you in there"

"Okay!" he says running towards the playground

I go to use the bathroom and when I'm done I walk towards the play place

I look out the window and see a man across the parking lot staring at me

He's in all black.

There's only one thing I can think of

He's back.

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