Chapter 19

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"Alex we can't hide in here forever!" Maddie whisper yells

"I know but what else are we supposed to do!?" I say frantically

I can't help but snap at her Im so scared. there is a man out there who is defiantly not a security guard. what will happen If he gets to us. I don't want to think of that

I'm snapped out of my thoughts by steps coming closer to the door

Maddie and I back away from the door against the bathroom wall

We see the shoes under the crack of the door

There's a loud CRASH and he's gone

"What the hell was that!?" Maddie yells

"Maddie shhhh keep it down!!" I say "I don't know what that was but I think he is gone"

"Well there's only one way to find out" she says sanding up moving towards the door.

She starts to open the door

"No!! Maddie what are you doing!?"

But she's gone. so I stupidly follow her.

It's dark but not to dark. I spot Maddie heading towards the escalator and run after her

"You think I'm going to let you do this alone?" I say to her

"That's why your my best friend" she replys

We go up the escalator to find the doors crashed through

A black range rover in its place. that's when I spot 5 teenage boys hop out of the car

I jump up in relief to hear their voices

"Louis! Niall! Harry! Zayn! Liam!" Maddie and I shout

They spot us from about 20 metres away

They start running our way when suddenly two men pick us up over their shoulders and start running

"Hey stop!!!" Niall shouts running faster towards us in shock of what is happening. I see Niall being taken down by another man in black as I'm being taken away.

Next thing I know I'm side by side Maddie in the back of a black tinted window van

It all happened so fast I can't process the thought of being kidnapped

How did this happen? and why do we deserve this?

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