Chapter 12

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Wow I can't believe my friend is adopted by one direction! it's actually kinda crazy!

Alex and I go up to her bedroom I plop down on her bed

"So what's up" I say

"Well something happened today"

"I'm listening"

Alex told me everything about the date with jake and how he might be her boyfriend and how she's really nervous and doesn't know if he will ask her out again

It was actually kind of cute in a funny way. You could tell no guy has asked her out and she has never actually liked a guy herself

After she was done with her venting I told her a little but about me and we instantly bonded

"Maddie I'm going to tell you something I've never to anyone before"

She told me about her parents death when she was young and the man who almost killed her and by the end if her story I Was an emotional wreck but I knew I ha to be strong and be there for her

"You know his face. its kind of impossible but I recognize it. the eyes and his voice, I might have seen him again it was probably just my dreams but it feels like I've really met him"

"Well that seems kind of unlikely it was probably our dreams but it probably just was so vivid it felt real."

"Ya your right Maddie. hey ill be right back just gonna go use the wash room"

"Kk ill be here"


I walk out from the bathroom and see Maddie looking out the window. her face horror struck.

"MADDIE!" she passes out.


"what's wrong!!" Zayn yells up as they run up the stairs entering my room

"There's something wrong with Maddie! she's passed out!"

"Oh my goodness! ill go call an ambulance Liam rushes to the nearest phone

The other boys carry her down stairs and wait for the ambulance


"The ambulance is here" Harry calls out

Maddie goes into the ambulance and the rest of us drive to the hospital

After 3 hours we are informed she is awake so we go in to see her

"Hey how are you doing?" Alex asks her

"Good is my mom coming?"

"Yeah we contacted her she is on her way" Niall answers

"Ok thanks"

"Hey what happened, do you remember?"

" Yeah I was just looking out your window and I saw....."

"Saw what Maddie?" Niall pushes

"There was a man. he was all in black and he was watching me. he was just standing there looking at me." as soon as he noticed I saw him he ran

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