Chapter 13

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"Well did he look familiar? how did you know he was watching you? or if he is even a threat?" I say because none of this makes sense! why did she get so scared If she didn't know the man

"Alex I new to tell you something" she says gesturing for everyone to leave the room

When everyone is gone she speaks

"Alex I think this man is stalking me. I didn't tell you before because I didn't really want to talk about it but for the past couple of months that man has been outside my window I was scared to tell anyone and I thought he was gone because I didn't see him for a couple of days, until today"

Her story shocks my mind. I can't process what is going on. So there I was venting and venting about my life when Maddie is in this situation. I feel bad.

"It's ok Maddie nothing is going to happen to you. you have me" I say pulling her into a bear hug

I tell the boys what has happened and they are shocked.

When we head back to the house we drop Maddie off.

"What do you guys want to do for
Dinner?" Liam asks

"PIZZA!!!!!" The boys all shout at the same time. I'm gonna just pass tonight

So we get home and Harry orders us a pizza from my favourite pizza pizza. "can we watch a movie as well?" I ask

"Ya sure ill help you choose one" Niall gets up and and goes to the movie cabinet

"Ok here are the options we have
1. Toy story
2. grown ups
3. Up
4. Star Wars
5. Harry Potter
6. The notebook
Ok we are defiantly not watching the notebook" Niall states

"I vote grown ups" says Zayn along with the others murmur with agreement

"Ok grown ups it is" the movie is hilarious the boys devour the pizza and the ice cream. I decide to pass on dinner. I can't afford the extra calories

It's about 12:00 when the movie is over and we all decide to turn in

As I'm just about falling asleep I get a text

Maddie- hey Alex um can I stay at your place this weekend? my dad is on a business trip and my mom is having a get a way weekend with her girlfriends

Alex- Ya sure no problem ill see you tomorrow! night!

Maddie- Thank you so much! night!


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