Chapter 26

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"so.. Alex is everything ok?" Harry said sternly

"um yeah it's fine I'm just not that hungry" I said trying my best to sound believable, obviously I didn't do a great job..

"I don't believe you" he brought me to the next room over and closed the door so we were away from the boys "now tell me what going on, was it something jake did?"

"no Harry it's not like that.. I just haven't really wanted to eat lately" I could see the look of confusion taking over his face so I explained to him how I had been feeling lately. "promise you won't tell the other boys?"

"well I think at least Niall should know" Harry stated

"NO! please no Niall is the last person I want to know. he already worries about jake I don't need him to worry about this too" I beg to Harry

"ok I won't say anything, I promise"

I sigh out of relief, it did feel good opening up to someone about it though I feel a little less alone.

Harry and I walked back into the kitchen to join the boys, when they were all finished with breakfast we ran outside to meet the car that had been sent for us.

"so, Alex are you nervous?" Liam asked from the passenger seat

"no, not really I think it should be fun actually"

Louis chimed into the conversation "oh it is fun just try not to say anything wrong, or stupid, or anything that would put us in a bad position." Niall glared at him "not really helping Lou"
Louis put his arms up in defence "hey I'm just trying to prepare her for anything."

"it's ok guys, I will be fine." I exclaim with confidence in my voice. even though I was really scared out of my mind.

we walked into the big studio building, then turned down a bright hall with different talk show studies and radio studios lined up along the building, until we reached the t4 talk show studio. t4 was only the biggest celebrity gossip talk show, it was always on in the boys' flat. For some reason they were really into celebrity gossip.

some staff worker directed us backstage to get ready for our appearance, it was insane. people running around doing hair and makeup picking wardrobe, it seemed like I always had someone touching me, whether it be for my makeup or my clothes, all I know is that I didn't like it

I think Niall noticed I was uncomfortable, he came over and started rubbing my back to calm me down

"it's ok you are going to be great out there Alex" he tried to reassure me

"what if the fans hate me. what if they tell me to kill myself or that I'm a poor orphan girl who they only took in through their pity for her" I said getting myself upset

"listen Alex, if any 'fan' says anything like that then they are wrong and they obviously aren't a true fan"

"you're right Niall in being crazy, ok I think I'm ready"

"that's my girl" he said embracing me in a tight hug

"OK T4 FANS! WHO IS READY FOR THE ONE AND ONLY ONE DIRECTION!!" I heard the host call out to the audience in the studio, they all cheered.

"well that's good! because today we are finally going to meet the mysterious new addition to their little family" everyone gasped in excitement, I guess they didn't know I was coming.

"Let's give them a very warm welcome then shall we! here they are, the world famous ONE DIIIRECTIONNN" the fans in the audience screamed at the top of their lungs

Niall took my hand and squeezed it

"ready?" he asked. I nodded my head in response

ready as I'll ever be

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