Chapter 15

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I walk into my house with the biggest smile on my face I probably look like a complete idiot but I don't care! nothing can break my mood!

Although the buys were getting pretty close to ruining my happiness

I hear running down the hall ways and the boys screaming "WATER GUN FIGHT"

I see all five boys run down the stairs spraying each other with water guns

They're attention turns towards me.... shit I better run

But before I can move I'm being soaked with water guns

Before I know it I'm swing over Harry's shoulder they run out the backyard to the pool


He just looks at the boys and they nod their heads.... ok here we go

It only a matter of time before I'm under the water still in Harry's strong grasp our heads bob above the water

"Harry let go of me!" I can't help but laugh

"No can do princess" he says tightening his grasp on me

"I have plans tonight" I say the other boys jump in the water

"What kind of plans?" Niall questions me

"None of your business" I smirk to him

"OMGEEE little Alex has a date!!!" Louis squeals

"What! how'd you know?!" I say very confused as to how he would ever guess that

"Your blushing like crazy" he replies "its obvious"

"Oh" is all I say

We get out of the pool and dry off that is when the questions begin

"What's his name. what does he look like. how old is he. does he have any tattoos. does he have a job. what do his parents do." I try to answer the best I can

" Jake. Idk cute I guess. My age. I have no idea. I don't know I just met him. how am I supposed to know what his parents do?" they keep bum arcing me with these questions I just block them out and see Niall standing against the doorway he does not look happy

"So I have to go get ready" I get up but before I can get to the stairs I'm interrupted

"No your not" Niall exclaims

"What?" I ask confused

"I didn't say you were aloud and your not. your going to have to tell this jake no"

"Niall c'mon we say yes let her go" Liam exclaims

"No she's legally mine and I say no. end if discussion." He walks out the door. I stand there shocked unable to process what had just happened

It's silent and the boys are just as a shocked as I am

"Ill go talk to him" Harry volunteers I run up to my room as slam the door this is so unfair it bought Niall was the nice one


I walk out the back door and sit at the edge of the pool. I feel bad and all but I know how guys can be and I'm scared for her I don't want my little princess to get hurt even though she's only been ours for a couple months she feels like a real daughter

Harry comes and sits next to me

"She's pretty upset" he says

"Ya I thought she would be"

"Why can't you let her do this"

"I don't know. I don't want her to get hurt, she actually feels like my daughter and I need to be protective or else she will and I don't want to see that. it will break my heart to see her get hurt"

"Well you can't protect her from boys forever" he said with a chuckle

"Haha watch me" I said laughing

"So are you going to let her?"

"I just have to think it over"

"Ok take your time" and with that I was left at the side of the pool to think

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