Chapter 11

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"Where is she! It's getting late and I'm getting worried!" Liam was pacing around the living room like a worried father would of his teenage daughter. even though I'm her legal father Liam still contributes in a father roll.

" Dude calm down its only like 6 O'clock" Louis tried to calm his nerves

"I know but she should be home right now school doesn't last this long! an-" Liam's speech was cut off by Alex entering the house

He ran up to her "Where were you young lady?"

"Out" she responded

"Out doing what?"


"Stuff with who?"

"People" this could have gone on forever so I decided to step in

"Liam just leave her alone as long as she is here now it's fine"

"Ya I guess your right" Liam sighed in defeat "but from now on unless we

Know where you are 5:30 is your curfew"

"Fine" Alex agreed


After Liam's interrogation session I ran up to my room to think things over

I've never been on a date before. I thought to myself, no guy has even liked me before. I need someone to talk too, but I can't talk to he guys.... hey that girl Maddie have me her number earlier maybe I can invite her over!

I texted her number and got an immediate reply

"Hey is this Maddie"

"Ya who is this?"

"Oh um it's Alex I met you on the bus earlier today"

"OMG! Hey Alex! what's up!"

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to come over?"

"Ya I would love to just give me your address and ill be right over"

And sure enough in 10 minutes there was a knock at the door

"Maddie! Hey come on in!"

"Hey Alex! is this your house?" she said in awe

"Uh haha ya pretty much"

"Who's at the door princess?" Niall called from the kitchen

"Who was that" Maddie asked

"Oh uh that's Niall he's my guardian"

Niall walked up to the door to introduce himself but she just stood there with her mouth wide open

"Your Niall Horan!"

"Yup that's me"

"So is it just you guys who live here?"

"No the lads live here with Alex and I"


"Ok so you wanna go upstairs?" I said

"Ya sure"

We walked up the stairs and into my room

Maddie hoped onto the bed

"So what's up?"

"Well something happened today..."

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