Chapter 25

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authors note: guess who's back! it's been quite some time but I'm here and I'm ready to write for you guys! I know that due to the recent zayn dilemma that he really shouldn't be in the story anymore but for the sake of the story I think I will keep him around

Alex's P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock beside my bed and roll over to check it. "ugh 6:30am, this is going to be a long day" I think to myself, but I jump out of bed because today is my very first interview with the boys!

I head over to my closet and put on my flowy black tank top from urban outfitters and my ripped boyfriend jeans. I roll my jeans with my low cut white converse and pair the outfit with my gold necklace and rings from brandy Melville.

I head to the bathroom and brush my teeth and apply my makeup, "whoa I should really get my eyebrows done" I say to myself while I examine them in the mirror, I fill them in and put on some mascara. now I need to fix my whole hair situation. after messing around with a few different hairstyles I decide just to leave it down, but I put some sea spray in it to give it a beachy wave look.

when I'm all finished I run downstairs to make myself some breakfast but when I enter the kitchen I see Louis and Harry have already beat me to it. my jaw drops when I look at our kitchen table. pancakes, waffles, bacon, fondue, toast, milkshakes, fries, eggs, sandwiches and so much more

"wow you guys must be hungry" I say jokingly "yeah well today is a big day it's your very first interview!" Louis exclaims excitedly "yeah so dig in because we can't eat this all ourselves" Harry says gesturing me to sit down "oh um no thank you I was just going to have an apple or something" I say nervously, I didn't want to mention anything but I haven't really been feeling the need to eat as much lately, I don't know I guess it's because of the interview I don't want to look fat or anything, even though I'm already tiny I feel like people won't like me as much

"Alex?" Harry says. oh man I've been spaced out for awhile "sorry what?" I ask hoping he doesn't question my eating choice "is everything ok" he asks concerned

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