Chapter 16

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I ran up to my room only to notice my phone was going off like crazy

I almost dropped my phone on the floor when I saw the messages

Jake-Hey beautiful ;)

Jake-You ready for tonight

I didn't want to tell him I wasn't aloud I would sound like a child

I thought to myself this is probably my only chance so there was only one thing to do

I had to sneak out

Alex- hey I'm really excited where and when should I meet you

Jake- great ;) meet me by the little diner down the street at 6:30

Alex- ill be there ;)

I looked over at my clock 5:53 ok better get ready

I redid my makeup and put on my high-low spaghetti strap pastel pink dress with a thin leather brown belt along with my leather brown sandals

It's pretty warm here so I wasn't worried about needing a jacket

At around 6:22 I decided to go

So I climbed out my window I was fairly high up so I climbed over to a nearby tree. Once I was down the tree I located the diner

It took about 5 minutes to get there and sure enough there was jake standing against the wall he looked so hot and I noticed he had a picnic basket in his hand

"Wow" he said eyeing me up and down

"Thanks" I say I can't stop blushing "so what do we have planned for tonight" I asked

"You'll see, oh and I got you this"
He handed me a box which had a gold necklace with my name in cursive writing along a part of it

"I hope you like it" he said scratching the back of his head

"Awe jake I love it" I said I turned around and he put the necklace on me

"Shall we" he took my hand and intertwined our fingers


I looked at the clock it was 6:30

"Soooo" Harry asked

"I argued with myself for a little bit but I think I'm going to let her go. I'm going to go tell her I hope she's not to mad"

"You did the right thing" he said patting my back

I knocked on her door. no answer

"Alex?" no answer I walked into her room

She wasn't there but her window was wide open

I couldn't believe she disobeyed me and snuck out she's in big trouble

"C'mon boys we are going out" I yelled

"Why?" Zayn asked

"Alex snuck out"


we had an amazing picnic at the top of a big hill next to a part it was so romantic we were walking along the sidewalk when he stopped me under a street light

"You look so pretty"

"Um thanks" I said blushing we stared into each others eyes and before I knew it we were kissing. I was shocked at first but I returned the kiss.

Without pulling our lips apart he pulled my waist into him I wrapped my arms around his neck

It was amazing until a loud beep scared the shot out of us we both jumped and looked over to the car beside us

Oh no this is not happening there was niall in the passenger seat facing us

"Hey Alex." He said with a smirk in his face

"Hey your Niall Horan" jake said in awe

" No. really? I hadn't noticed" he said Ridley "I'm also her dad"

"He's your dad?"

"No he's not my dad! I gotta go ill see you tomorrow thanks for the amazing night" I look over at Niall who looks furious

Well I'm in a lot of trouble anyways why not have some fun with it

Before I turn away I give him a kiss on the lips it lasts about 10 seconds before Niall interrupts again


"Bye jake" I say winking I look I've at Niall you would literally be able to see the steam coming from his ears

I hop in the car and I'm sitting next to Harry who silently gives me a thumbs up I just laugh

Niall is silent all the way home

When the car stops he gets out and go's straight to his room and slams it shut

He's really mad

I walk in to see Maddie

"Alex I saw him again" she says but she doesn't look scared or terrified

"Oh my god are you ok?!"

"I'm fine because I got a picture of him" she says with a grin " now we can turn him in!"

"Let me see him!"

She shows me his picture on her phone

I stare at the picture in horror

Those eyes I would know them anywhere

"M-Maddie" I stutter

"Alex are you okay? what's wrong" she says sitting me down on the couch

"That man killed my parents"

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